Marvel announces Daredevil: Stick #1

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This morning, Marvel made the surprising announcement that they will be releasing a one-shot due out in June called Daredevil: Stick. The issue will chronicle the work-out regimen that the young Matt Murdock was subjected to under the tutelage of his ninja master Stick. If you’ve ever wondered how a scrawny blind kid managed to become a full-fledged superhero, Daredevil: Stick will show you how.

Aside from telling a compelling and inspirational story of human triumph over adversity, Daredevil: Stick has another message for America’s youngsters, encouraging them to become fit and stay active through excercise. Daredevil editor Stephen Wacker had this to say:

“This is hardly the first time Marvel puts out a book with a loud and clear message for kids around the globe. Miller fans will recall Daredevil taking on the fight against drugs in the 80’s and we’ve even seen him tackle the dangers of gasoline in the 1993 Daredevil vs Vapora one-shot. Now, we’re stepping up to the plate again by addressing the growing concern of childhood obesity. We want to show young people everywhere that if you work hard and eat right, you may have more to gain than just a great body; you may even be able to take up crime-fighting.”

The one-shot, co-written by exercise guru Richard Simmons and one of the nameless slaves Brian Michael Bendis keeps in his basement (allowing him to write thirty-five books per month) will be made available free of charge to school libraries across the country and sell for a nice even $1 at comic book stores. According to Wacker:

“One thing we’re really excited about for this book is the art which will be supplied by first grade students from all around New York City. I don’t think this has ever been done before, but not only does this inspire students to pursue the visual arts, it helps keep the cost of production as low as possible. That’s the great thing about kids, set up a meeting for them with some guy dressed as Spider-Man and give them a tour of the Marvel offices and they’re perfectly happy to work for free. As for their artwork, I think people are going to be blown away.”

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  1. Andrew

    At first I actually thought, cool! But I knew something wasn’t right by the time you started “quoting” Wacker. Too bad.. I’ve always wanted a DD comic from Richard Simmons.

  2. Christine

    You know what, Andrew? If enough people get on board, I believe we can get a Stick comic co-authored by Richard Simmons. 😉

    Anyway, April Fool’s Day is a always a huge deal in Sweden with every news outlet getting in on the action and I couldn’t pass up the chance to post something a little more “out there.”

  3. Andrew

    @Christine. That’s cool. I suppose it is a relatively big deal here as well, but I am such a sucker. I keep forgetting it’s April Fools day so I’m inclined to believe everything I read as ordinary (like this “announcement”) until it ends making me feel like an idiot for being so earnest. lol

  4. Philip Marinello

    Aarggh! I was excited about this until I saw Richard Simmons. Nicely done Christine 🙂

  5. AP

    I meant to comment on April Fools about this. This was seriously excellent. It really would make a good comic. Very well written, you had me until Richard Simmons. I’m not sure what having Richard Simmons contribute would be like. Perhaps he should get his own one shot with DD, that would be pretty funny. Maybe as his side kick. I mean, he does wear a lot of red! Just give him some horns and a funny cover for the comic and just wait for the money to roll in! ;-p


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