Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin new Daredevil creative team

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With the Cup O’Joe panel still happening in Chicago, it’s been confirmed that Mark Waid is the new Daredevil writer. The artists duties will be shared between Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. Marvel has already released an interview with Waid, which you can read at I’m headed to bed soon and will comment more on this tomorrow, but some notable quotes from Mark Waid are listed below. Discuss away!

“For the longest time, DAREDEVIL’s been a terrific crime book with very little super heroing and very little lawyering, and while that’s been great, I asked if I could turn up the volume on the super-hero knob just a bit if I could do it without losing the grit and street-level feel the book has had since Frank Miller redefined Matt Murdock’s world all those years ago […] Don’t go ‘light,’ don’t go ‘cheery’ or at all ‘retro,’ but likewise don’t make the readers feel like the book ought to come bundled with a prescription for Wellbutrin. A little more High Adventure never hurt anyone.”

“The other approach that’s novel is how Matt’s transformed his legal practice. He figures that, by now, enough water’s gone under the bridge where he can once more enter the courtroom as a practicing lawyer—but, again, he’s fooling himself. Every case becomes about him, his reputation, and whether or not his presumed extracurricular crimefighting compromises his credibility as an attorney.”

“The trick to writing Matt Murdock is to treat him as a man who’s totally sane and actually pretty witty and clever and optimistic and energized, but to keep reminding the reader that all it would take to drive Matt totally off the cliffs of sanity forever after all he’s been through is Just One More Really Bad Day.”

Updated 3/20: Interview with Mark Waid on CBR.


  1. Andrew

    I don’t know how others will feel but I for one welcome Waid’s perspective. I think (although this is early goings) that he has a good grasp of the character, and that a stronger focus on adventure could give this book a more fun feel (who says a DD book can’t be fun?).

    I am not totally sold on the art yet though. Is it me or does teh colouring seem off somehow? I can’t put my finger on it.

  2. Christine

    I agree, and I do think Waid has a good idea of what he wants to do without it being too jarring compared to what people are used to. The way he described Matt as a character in that interview actually lies really close to how I see him too.

    And yes, Matt’s skin has definitely turned blue on that cover to Daredevil #1. 😉

  3. Jeremy

    Ah, good, my assumption was right that Paolo Rivera would be rotating story arcs with Marcos Martin. They have a similar style and they can keep the tone of the book consistent.

    And I also like the addition of high adventure to Matt Murdock’s life without sacrificing the street-level feel the book has had for so long. For years, I’ve wondered when was the last time Matt Murdock actually smiled, and I hope we can get back to that. You can do the gritty Daredevil books without sacrificing Murdock’s happiness.

  4. Bill

    I really like the way all this sounds. I like the adventure side of DD, he is a superhero after all, in a universe filled the same. I hope he deals with the Shadowland fiasco, gives Matt back his dignity and moral fiber and moves us forward.

  5. Gloria

    Oh, that sounds good! In the Art side, it’s like a dream come true, and Waid has written some consistent stuff through the years (and is the kind of writer who creatively sticks to a character’s continuity), so I’m really looking forward to it!

  6. Polter-Cow

    Oh, that does sound good! I love the noir, but I’m interested in seeing a different take on Daredevil that still remains true to the character, and all of Waid’s observations ring true. As long as “High Adventure” doesn’t mean weird trips to Spain, I look forward to it.

  7. Scott

    Huh? He’s gonna smoke weed and go hiking? Waif stinks! This sucks! Give the gig to Bob Gale!

  8. MOCK!

    I believe I may be coming back to DD with this news…

  9. Robert

    This sounds like exactly what the character needs right now. My only problems is I know Marvel comics. I hope what Waid has planned will last, and I plan to to enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully at a reasonable price. If they slap $3.99 on this, Marvel can kiss it. I can get the trades later from amazon 30% cheaper with no tax and free shipping.

  10. Bee Clayton

    Waid mentioned more of the ‘superhero swashbuckler’ angle is needed. I’m already excited. But like Robert mentioned, this is Marvel. So I’m keeping my fingers and billy clubs crossed that Waid’s plans will last too.

  11. AP

    This is great news! It’s almost enough to get me back into buying monthly….almost. I’m still pretty burnt after Diggle’s mishandling of DD so I’m reluctant to trust Marvel to put out quality DD stories.

  12. themattmurdockchronicles

    Mark Waid I’m only a little familiar with but, boy, that art team is great. Marcos Martin has done some brilliant work on Spidey recently and Paolo Rivera can be pretty special too. I’ll wait and see how Mark does once the books hit the shelves but it’ll certainly look pretty.


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