Daredevil links and discussions, March 2011

Mar 30, 2011

Daredevil links and discussions, March 2011

Mar 30, 2011

Hello all! This is something of a roundup post, where we look at everything that happened during the eventful month of March, and capping it off with some new links from all over the Internet.

The new Daredevil creative team

This was, by far, the biggest highlight of the month in terms of Daredevil news. It was announced at C2E2 in Chicago that Mark Waid would be the new writer as of Daredevil’s upcoming relaunch in July. Art duties will be shared between Paolo Rivera and Marcos MartĂ­n who will rotate. The exception seems to be the first issue which will have both draw one story each. Who knows if this means that we’ll have a main story and a back-up story, but if Marvel is adding extra pages to the first issue that certainly sounds like a good idea to me especially of they’re going to increase the price to $3.99 (which I assume they will). Anyway, this shouldn’t be new to anyone, particularly to regular readers of this site, but for the sake of convenience, here’s a list of all official interviews with Mark Waid following the announcement.

In addition to these links, I would also recommend the videos posted of Paolo Rivera at the Comic Archive. The first one is of him doing the cover to Daredevil #1. The others feature him talking about his process, giving a tour of his studio (part 1 and part 2) and tools of the trade.

The new Daredevil movie

David Slade being assigned the role of Daredevil director is another piece of news we’ve discussed before. Immediately following the announcement, people started speculating who might fill the role of Matt Murdock and two names were at the center of Internet gossip. No further mention has been made of Garret Hedlund, but the rumor that Twilight actor Robert Pattinson might don the red tights was quickly denied outright. Reason dictates that it’s unlikely that anyone would be tied to the movie at this point, before there’s even a finished script.

Meanwhile, we’re free to speculate. The movie site Obsessed with Film has two posts discussing potential actors suitable to fill the role of Matt Murdock and which villains might win a starring role.

Other links

In his blog on Psychology Today, Mark D White takes a stab a analyzing Daredevil’s (and Green Arrow’s) unique brand of self-loathing. White is a scholar active in the fields of philosophy, economics and political science and has written extensively on the philosophy of superheroes. That actually makes me want to check out some of his books. 😉


  1. Andrew

    While I don’t care much for most of Obsessed’s choices for Matt Murdock, I do think they have some interesting choices for villain (I’d add Typhoid to the list).

    Mark D. White’s article was indeed good. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, or if he was going to treat the subject material seriously, but he knows his stuff and was in fact insightful. I also love listening to Rivera talk about his art. It’s really rare that we get a glimpse into a comic book artist’s process.

    Thanks for these links!

  2. Robert

     Totally agree with Obsessed take on Affleck. He was pitch perfect for the role, he just brought too much baggage with him and nobody wanted to give him a chance. I proudly admit to being one of the few people who love the Daredevil movie.

    WIth the exception of Chris Pine, all their choices are terrible. The first time I watched Trek, I said to my wife and friends, “this guy would be perfect to play Matt Murdock”. They need to cast a relative unknown, which is sadly the last thing fox will want to do.


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