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I hope everyone had a great start of the new year! I started mine with giving this site a new look (it’s still a work in progress, more on that below), and by buying two Maine Coon kittens who will come to live with me on January 29. I went to visit them today and my heart completely melted. This may not be something worth mentioning on a Daredevil site, except 1) I’m naming them Murdock and Elektra – I’m sure you can guess which one is which – and 2) I’m so in love with these balls of fluff that I really do need to tell the whole world about it. Check out more pictures of them below!

Site redesign and some ideas for the future

As I mentioned in my previous post, I like playing around with the look of this site, if only because web design is a bit of a hobby of mine. This site has gone through about three or four different looks at this point, including the designs I was playing around with when it was still hosted by Blogger. I always try to keep some elements the same, for the sake of “brand recognition” (the same shade of red, shades of gray, fonts etc), but certainly like to shake it up a bit from time to time.

Usually when I change something, it takes me a bit of tinkering before I get it to look exactly the way I want it to, and I often go through a period of actually preferring the old design to the new one, before getting it just right. In this case, however, one of the main reasons I felt I needed the change wasn’t because I got tired of how the site looked, but because I felt that it needed to be easier for new readers to browse, to quickly get a feel for what kind of content is offered here. That’s why this design has more of a magazine type layout, which requires less scrolling in order to get an overall idea of what the site is about. This new theme (named – quite ironically for a Daredevil blog – Sight) also offered some other pre-installed options that I kind of liked that I’ll mention briefly below:

Easy sharing options

Each individual page or post has an easy to reach section featuring links to common ways of sharing content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter (see image below). If you read something you enjoy, please share it with others who might enjoy it too. 🙂

Screenshot of share links

Slide show on the front page

As of this writing, the slide show only features a single post – the most recent one – and consequently doesn’t actually work as a proper slide show. My idea for the future is that the first slide shown will always be the most recent post, followed by a set of slides that will take people to static pages that are of particular interest to new readers or which feature content that fits more squarely into the “general information” category (more on this below). The slideshow will be set to time out after a certain number of seconds as watching a first page that keeps changing tends to get a bit annoying.

Information to the people!

To provide good general information (see above), I’ve decided to spend some time this year working on putting together character profiles, useful lists and other types of resource material. Feel free to give me some input on what kinds of info you think might be good for newbies and seasoned fans alike. I will also try to make at least some of this resource material available for download as pdf-files.

Pictures of kittens Murdock and Elektra!

Enough about the site, let’s get to the important part! The first two pictures show the red-headed (what else?) baby Murdock – Kitten Without Fear – snuggle with his dark beautiful sister Elektra (they are from the same litter so will obviously never be lovers, though I’m sure they will grow up to be awesome ninjas). The other cat in the background is their two weeks older half-sister. In the bottom picture, Elektra went off to assassinate some cat toys while Murdock took a nap.

Murdock and Elektra kittens, picture 1

Murdock and Elektra kittens, picture 2

Little Murdock sleeping


  1. Marc

    Happy New Year, Chris! Love the new layout, and it seems to load faster than the old one did too. And Murdock and Elektra are just adorable! 🙂

  2. Bill

    I love the idea of pdf profiles you can download. The sites looks great, the only thing I ever thought you were missing was ninja cats, now we have that too.

  3. Andrew

    Happy New Year! I really love the new layout. Also, and omg, Murdock and Elektra are adorable. x]

  4. Jan

    You have a wonderful looking site with deep content and cute cats here! Congrats! in my opinion you can write here about cats as well 🙂

  5. Andrew

    I agree with Jan. More cat content is always good (if not particularly relevant). x]

  6. Christine

    Thanks for your comments! I just wanted to let Andrew know that my spam filter flagged your last comment as spam which is why it didn’t show up until now. I have no idea what made the filter stop it since it’s usually very accurate and there was nothing in your comment (such as three or more links) to set it off. Anyway, I fixed it now! 🙂

  7. Andrew

    Aw ok. I’m having these weird problems lately. People saying they can’t email me because their messages bounce back. And now I’m being flagged as spam… I think the internets has it in for me. :/


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