Who will write Daredevil after Reborn?

Dec 19, 2010

Who will write Daredevil after Reborn?

Dec 19, 2010

As has been indicated earlier, Daredevil: Reborn will be Andy Diggle’s last work on the character, something he mentions again in a new interview with CBR (one that warrants reading for other reasons as well, of course).

While Diggle leaving the character later this spring isn’t new information, now feels like a good time to reassess the landscape in the months following the end of the upcoming four-issue mini series. With the Black Panther taking over Daredevil’s book in a move that looks similar to when Hercules took over the Incredible Hulk, meaning that it’s not a case of the Black Panther just doing an extended guest appearance with a predetermined time frame, Daredevil will be without a book and without a writer as early as May of 2011.

Partial section of the cover to Daredevil: Reborn #3

My guess is that Marvel is looking to relaunch Daredevil with a new #1 of a new title, probably without the “Man Without Fear” tagline, and that they’re probably opening up for pitches from potential writers as we speak. Not only is Daredevil a popular – though B-list – character with a long history of uninterrupted publication under his belt, there is potentially a new Daredevil movie in the works. Of course there will be a regular title starring our favorite blind vigilante before long.

Now the question is who should do the honors. Who would you like to see as the writer and artist when the time comes? This topic has been discussed in several other places (such as ManWithoutFear.com, The Weekly Crisis, and CBR) where you can go for input. I don’t have very strong opinions one way or the other, but wouldn’t mind seeing Jeff Parker, Duane Swiercinsky or even Antony Johnston (and not only because he comments here every now and then ;)). Who would you like to see take care of Matt Murdock in the future?


  1. Matt Duarte

    My vote goes to Johnston. His issues were noticeably better than the Diggle-solo ones. Parker has a pretty full schedule as it is, so I doubt it’s him. While I’ve enjoyed some of Swiercinsky’s work, the man has a death-touch, and every series he’s handled has been canceled under his feet.

    Ryan (K. Lindsay) has been making a good case for Remender taking over, and it would certainly make sense. I would love Jason Aaron taking over as well, but he has an even busier schedule than Parker.

  2. The Uranian

    Oh, Johnston hands down, although I like the idea of Jason Aaron doing something as well. It’s… intriguing.

  3. Robert

    Greg Rucka would be ideal. Or the extreme longshot would be to get Frank Miller back, but if that actually happened it would likely be a miniseries, not an ongoing.

    I don’t care who as long as they are allowed to tell their story or stories without the garbage of the last year: editorially controlled event stories, crossovers, re-numbering.
    If Marvel had not just renumbered to issue 500, I wouldn’t have any problem with this retarded Black Panther stuff and a new ongoing for Murdock. But the fact that Marvel just did this and now is turning the book to BP and restarting is the most blatant FU to the readers I think I’ve ever witnessed from Marvel, and thats really saying something.

  4. AP

    My vote is for Johnston, for the same reasons listed above. He’s great with the detective/crime element that DD is known for and he’s done a lot of work outside of DD that I really enjoy.

  5. Aaron K

    Antony Johnston has really won over a lot of devoted DD fans. My vote goes to him as well! (Note: not a real vote.)

    As an alternate who is often overlooked, I would like to see Brian Reed get a shot. His books tend to be very focused upon the inner struggles of his protagonists, a format that would work especially well with the position Matt finds himself in. And, to my knowledge, he’s not writing anything else at Marvel at the moment.

  6. Gloria

    I’d sign for DD being written/drawn by Jaime or Gilbert Hernandez, but while dreams do not come true, I hope Marvel chooses a good team for our favourite character… However, as long as they keep ol’ hornhead well apart from big events I’ll be happy.

  7. MisterSmith

    I’m in the Fred Van Lente camp. I think the current Daredevil direction has run its course and I just want to see Daredevil fight Stilt-Man for a year.

  8. Bee Clayton

    Rucka would be my ideal choice.
    Second choice would be Peter David.

    If a new direction is upcoming, why not bring back some fun and happiness? For that, my wish choice would be either Denny O’Neill or Tom DeFalco.

  9. Ryan K Lindsay

    I will officially cast my vote here, as well, for Rick Remender. The guy is just putting Punisher to bed, he’s got the space in his dance card, and he would be perfect.

    I’d like Johnston but he’s indicated he won’t be writing anymore Daredevil so I have internally discounted it.

    Side-question must be – who will draw the new Daredevil?

  10. Philip Marinello

    I was thinking Zeb Wells might do something cool with the character. I loved his Dark Reign: Elektra mini, and now that Elektra’s back in the mix I’d love to see where they go from here. Remender would also be a great choice.

  11. Jeremy

    Rick Remender is replacing his Punisher run with Venom, he’s still doing Uncanny X-Force, and I know he’s wrapping up his Fear Agent run right now. He’s definitely one of my favorite comic writers right now, and I would love to see his work on Daredevil

  12. Hollowell

    Definitely Hohnston, his work with Shadowland After the Fall was amazing, and he should definitely be the one to take over the Daredevil name.

  13. Matt Duarte

    Hehe, if I were Johnston I would send a link to this page to the higher-ups at Marvel.

    Rucka is a good choice as well, but from the sounds of it he is going to be concentrating on his novels (which, let’s be honest, have a much higher readership than Daredevil).

    Zeb Wells and Brian Reed are interesting choices as well. Wells has done lots of good work with Elektra, and I was one of the few that really digged Reed’s Ms. Marvel series.

  14. Bill

    I don’t care so long as whoever does it has an inkling of understanding about how disappointing Shadowland was to the fans (and me). Johnson is cool I guess (I really enjoyed Cage Match). I would enjoy seeing John Romita Jr. return to the book as artist, his work, along with that amazing colorist (who’s name I don’t recall??) might set an interesting tone, mixing old with new. I don’t think any new creative team need be desperate for those shame-filled, hero always fails and looses, ‘noir’ moments that have been so poorly executed in the last few months.

  15. Antony Johnston

    Much as I appreciate everyone’s kind words (and boosterism 😉 ), Ryan’s right, #512 was my last issue. Never say never, and all that — who knows what the future will hold — but right now, you’re all barking up the wrong tree 😉

    (Also, I’m not sure my style would be what people want anyway. For my money, Brubaker’s DD was one of the best runs ever, and it seems quite clear most folks don’t want to see a return to that style.)

  16. Christine

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    @Antony: Yes, we know that you’ve indicated before that #512 and After the Fall were your last Daredevil issues, but I guess I (and apparently quite a few others) were hoping to launch a grassroots campaign. 😉

    One thing I wanted to add about Brubaker’s run though (since you brought it up) is that I was a really big fan, and I think most people rank it high (even though more people rank Bendis higher). What’s occurred to me though is that it was the style (aided by Michael Lark’s art) that I liked more than the overall direction. While #105 (Milla goes to the mental hospital and Matt loses against Mr Fear) was a very emotional read for me, I really wish they could have just had a divorce like normal people. There are other examples of choices that Brubaker made with the character(s) where I wish he’d made another choice, but I still really dug the overall style, including the many inner monologues that I know drove a lot of people nuts.

    Oh well, gotta run, have more last minute Christmas shopping to do! 😀

  17. Bill

    @ Antony, I’m sure it isn’t any fun to listen to people moan and bitch about something you have put a lot of time and creative energy into. The easer thing to do, and dare I say what most creators do, is avoid direct engagement with fans on a forum like this. I have noted my dissatisfaction with Shadowland in general but here, I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to be ‘among us DD fans’ and your hard work. You’re a very good writer and class act.

  18. Dre

    @ Antony Johnston – “(Also, I’m not sure my style would be what people want anyway. For my money, Brubaker’s DD was one of the best runs ever, and it seems quite clear most folks don’t want to see a return to that style.)”

    Not only do I most wholeheartedly agree with you about Bru’s run, but if this is the approach you would have taken you can unequivacally count me as yet another who’d love to have you as the next Daredevil scribe! Admittently, my first choice would have been Jason Aaron (if you guys know of his Scalped comic from Vertigo, this should be a no-branier), but now that I see the direction you would have chosen, it’s clear who my first vote goes to. I have to ask, though: are you sure you’re not confusing what you said about fans not wanting a returning to Bru’s style with revile for SL? The odium for SL proper is quite vehement and understandable, but the Daredevil monthly tie-in by yourself and Diggle, effectively and wonderfully continuing the noir style of DD from the previous couples runs, were conversively superb and most enjoyable even without the main SL to support it. Excellent work, needless to say. Roberto De La Torre’s artistry was nothing short of brilliant, too. It could have been easy for some to find frustation with SL and, with your and Diggles Daredevil such a seemless contiuation of bru’s run, wished for a change. Not impossible, right? Another query I have to pose to you: where did you get the idea people wanted to move away from Bru’s style?

    Incidenatlly, After The Fall wasn’t bad! 😀

    @ Christine – Ditto! Except, I preferred Bru’s run just a hair over Bendis’, myself.

  19. Sean

    No-one who had any involvement with Shadowland. Probably couldn’t get Miller, but how about Millar or Morrison?

  20. TribeOneWon

    Jason Aaron would write the pants off of DAREDEVIL. He could pretty much just photoshop the red costume onto Dash Bad Horse and a bald head onto Chief Redcrow from his SCALPED series and they would be perfect as Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk.


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