Ending the year with some Bendis cheer

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A title that rhymes, now isn’t that pretty cool? In about ten hours, I’m taking the site down for a make-over to update the look for the new year. I’m not expecting more than 24 hours of downtime so hopefully it won’t bee too noticeable.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned wanting to put together a post showcasing some of the humor and lighter moments that Brian Michael Bendis managed to blend into his Daredevil run, which was an otherwise mostly traumatic ordeal for Matt Murdock. If you want to end the year with a Daredevil-inspired smile on your face, I also suggest you check out posts like Kesel moments – parts 1 and 2 – or anything from the humor category.

Meanwhile, here is a list of moments that at least bring a smile to my face. I hope you enjoy them too. And, remember that you can make the images “pop” to full scale by clicking them, click again to reverse the effect. Happy New Year!

Anna Nelson is having a protective moment, from Daredevil #27

Panel from Daredevil #27

Comic book villain meta-humor, from Daredevil #35

Panel from Daredevil #35

Stilt-Man drops by the office and Matt plays it cool, from Daredevil #41

Panel from Daredevil #41

Foggy wants to strangle Matt, from Daredevil #43

Panel from Daredevil #43

Matt and Foggy joke about advertising on TV, from Daredevil #46

Panel from Daredevil #46

The classic “I thought it was yellow” scene from Daredevil #59

Panel from Daredevil #59

Matt has fun with Jigsaw, from Daredevil #62

Panel from Daredevil #62


  1. Gloria

    “”If I was really Wonder Woman I would never leave my room”

    Foggy really needs to forget about wallcrawling and go back to those swells one-liners he used to deliver!

  2. Robert

    This makes me want to re-read Bendis’ run.

    Site looks great.

  3. Robert


    Oh, its a smile.

  4. A Person

    “Oh, its a smile.”

    I know, it’s weird.


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