“New” Man Without Fear resurfaces

Aug 2, 2010

“New” Man Without Fear resurfaces

Aug 2, 2010

Teaser image of Nova as Daredevil

About an hour ago, a teaser image of Nova as the new Man Without Fear (I believe the same one that was shown at SDCC) was released (see, for instance, CBR).

I mentioned my own theories about this a couple of posts ago, and I can’t say I feel differently now. I’m still pretty solidly in the I’m-sure-something-is-up-but-it-isn’t-what-it-looks-like camp.

Another thing, this kind of bizarre hype (though it’s having the opposite effect on me, go figure) annoys me more than anything. I think what I feel is close to what my eighteen-year-old cat feels every time I make a futile attempt to entertain her with something a kitten might enjoy. She gives me a bored yet surprisingly superior look that seems to say “Are you serious with this?”

Really, Marvel? You’re turning me into a cynic here. And thus ends by far the most negative post I’ve written on this blog.


  1. Matt Duarte

    I think it’s funny that they gave him the Iron Fist-y looking hands.

    I’m a fan of Nova, but this is just silly.

  2. Bill

    Maybe it’s Iron Fist dressed as Nova, so Nova can dress as Daredevil. The possibilities are boundless. 🙂 I remember within the first 100 issues or so they cultivated a relationship between Matt and Black Panther. It was reveled at the end of one book, BP had taken Matt’s place for the whole main fight. It was a REAL surprise, even during the cheesy years. Maybe the new Daredevil will be Black Panther.

  3. Gloria

    I thought that Nova was with the Secret Avengers… But maybe in these times pluri-employment helps to make ends meet!

  4. Marc

    I’m pretty sure nova is busy in spaced doing something…

  5. AP

    My thoughts exactly. The cat scenario describes exactly how I feel!

  6. Zack

    Not gonna lie, Shadowland has been my most anticipated comic event since it was first announced, but these teasers have ruined the event for me. I hate that Marvel is feeling the need to screw with what was one of the most consistent books ever in comics!!

  7. Robert

    The local comic shop is run by a friend of mine, and I’ve already told him: I won’t be buying Daredevil if Marvel pulls this replacement stunt. I don’t care how temporary, I don’t care how its written. I’ve read comics for 17 years. There is no way to believably have Falcon or Gambit running around as the defender of Hell’s Kitchen.
    I will also probably take all the issues of DD since 501 and Shadowland back to my friend to re-sell at his shop to some gullible fool with money to waste, and re-coup some of my money. Then my Daredevil collection will simply end with the nice poetic and tragic ending of issue 500.

  8. AP

    A friend of mine just suggested someone that I hadn’t thought of: Echo

    I think she’s been MIA since Secret Invasion. I could be ok with her temporarily watching over Hell’s Kitchen after Shadowland if they end up taking Matt out of the picture for awhile. It’s a little cliche but I’d rather it be her than anyone else they’ve suggested. It could give her a chance to lose the DD apprentice tag and we could see how she really operates without a team around her. I think it would be a cool way to help her character grow.

  9. Bee Clayton

    I think it is mis-direction. To my knowledge, no mention has been made of anyone else assuming the actual identity of DD, just the moniker of ‘Man Without Fear’.

    So it could be that no one else takes on the DD identity. Whatever happens in Shadowland may force Matt to eventually abandon the identity. Maybe he takes on a new role or has to struggle to reclaim the DD identity that’s obviously becoming tainted through these new actions.

    All speculation, of course…….

  10. krakkaboom

    This proves my theory about Marvel’s marketing (excerpt from http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=27830):

    Brevoort: I don’t think we make any apologies or any secret of the fact that we want to sell our comics, and we will do anything it takes to get people interested and excited, or even upset if it gets them engaged in the stories that we’re telling and the things we’re doing. We do things to push buttons all the time, like with the current Man Without Fear promotion. But that campaign grew out of an actual story and project we had first. We know where that story is going and ultimately what the payoff will be once “Shadowland” is over and once we move into this next thing (which we can’t really tell you about yet.) But right now, it’s doing a lot to energize people around Daredevil as a character, Shadowland as a mini event and what’s on the horizon. What’s about to happen next?


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