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Hello, all! Sadly, my LCS had their shipment delayed a day so I won’t be able to post a review until tomorrow. However, the Internet is abuzz with Shadowland-related happenings, including a video that Marvel.com put together (see the end of this post and beware of spoilers).

  1. CBR has a story called The Unusual Suspects: Daredevil, that looks at some of the players of Shadowland from the perspective of those who work in law enforcement (poor bastards…).

  2. Daredevil made the pages of USA Today with this Shadowland interview with Marvel editor Stephen Wacker.

  3. Shadowland sold out at Diamond before even reaching the comic-buying public and will return with second printing variants. Read about it at Newsarama.

Read, watch and discuss and please let us all know what else you might find out there (but no outright spoilers in the comments please, we’ll save the discussion of the issue itself for tomorrow’s review). It’s a good day to be a Daredevil fan!