Shadowland revealed!

by | Jul 2, 2010 | Daredevil News | 5 comments

Shadowland, from Shadowland #1 by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan

Shadowland, from Shadowland #1 by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan

Or, more to the point, we get out first look at the building itself in the recently revealed preview of Shadowland #1. I must say, it really was impressive that they were able to get that thing built in three months. And while it looks like Little Tokyo (not the modern version) moved into Hell’s Kitchen, it sure is a majestic building.

The preview looks pretty interesting as a whole and I’m just so happy that we’ll be getting Daredevil twice a month for the rest of the year. Sadly, I will be away on business all of next week and won’t get the chance to read the issue until Saturday, though I’ll try to be prompt in posting my review.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Rolls Andre

    Hey! Love what you’re doing. I got into DD b/c I randomly bought issue 500 after not having purchased or read a hornhead comic in at least a decade. I went back and read all the Miller, Bendis and Brubaker I could get my hands on and have been a rabid fan ever since. The Diggle run….? Well the jury is still out for me on that one. Anyway, I got a question. Do you know if I’ll have to buy Shadowland to understand what’s going on in DD? Or will the main book continue to be intellegible w/o me having to shell out extra cash? Look I’m not parsimonious just on a budget. I’ll do what I gotta do but if I dont have to do sh*t I’m cool with that too. Just askin.

  2. Andrew

    Have a great weekend as well! Finally, the preview, and just a few more days to go.. :]

  3. Aaron K

    @Christine – I can’t believe you’re leaving town during Shadowland week! I think you should’ve just quit.

    @Rolls Andre – I imagine that the major events of Shadowland will occur in that comic. Daredevil will likely only explore the more minor and personal aspects of Matt’s life. This is all just a guess, but that’s what has happened of late in Siege, Secret Invasion, and Civil War. If someone were to die, that would happen in the main title. If someone were to go villain, that would be the main title.

  4. Kirk Warren

    I loved the preview. The pages with the Avengers and Bullseye were excellent. The scope of this seems huge for a Daredevil title and it’s easily my most anticipated title for the summer.

  5. Marc

    Not sure about the Avengers involvement.
    The whole ‘That would be unwise” line with the Avengers trying to strong arm the whole situation just seems to suck.


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