New look, new issue and a contest!

Jun 6, 2010

New look, new issue and a contest!

Jun 6, 2010

First of all, I decided to redecorate around here, as you can see. I’ll be adding back most of the former sidebar features that were taken out so don’t worry if you can’t find something. I’m striving to make the site as a whole easier to browse rather than more difficult, so give me about a week to polish off the rough edges.

More exciting, of course, is the fact that we’ll be seeing a new issue of Daredevil this coming week. While Daredevil: Cage Match filled the gap nicely last month, I can’t wait to see how this story arc will end and how Matt will be catapulted into the events of Shadowland in July. As you may already know, there are previews out of Daredevil #507 – see, for example, CBR – and it looks great!

Lastly, I picked up three copies of the Ultimate Elektra: Devil’s Due TPB at a really good price last week, so I thought we’d have a little contest. I’ll give away two of them right here, and save one for The Other Murdock Paper’s Facebook page. So, if you’re on Facebook and not a fan already, you may want to become one to improve your chances of winning.

Here’s what you need to do to enter: Leave a comment where you let us know what untold Daredevil and Elektra story would you like to see in print? It could be set in the past, present or future exploring any and all aspects of their relationship. It can be whimsical or dead serious, go as wild as you like! I’ll let this contest run for a week and pick two winners at random from the comments. Good luck!


  1. Matt Duarte

    Am I allowed to enter :-)? I already won one contest, I don’t know if I want to hog all the prizes.

  2. Brandon Whaley

    I’d really love to read the scene in which Matt and Elektra go to the petting zoo and play with llamas. Of course.

  3. Gary Miller

    Elektra versus Typhoid Mary versus Ole Hornhead. Nuff Said!

  4. Christine

    Yes, Matt. You’re allowed to enter again, of course, and will have the same chance of winning as anyone else. However, you do need to enter a comment that complies with the rules. πŸ˜‰

    Also, if anyone besides me is having problems clicking links on this site (for me, the problem comes and goes) know that I’ll be looking into it of it persists. Currently, I can’t click any of the post headings on the front page to go to the single post page, and the comment links come and go in terms of whether they actually behave like links. Matt let me know via Twitter that he doesn’t seem to have this problem whereas, for me, it’s not limited to only one browser or computer (it doesn’t work on my iPhone either). I can’t even begin to guess where this problem comes from.

  5. Christine

    Never mind, problem fixed and it was my bad. I had an invisible element positioned over part of the screen. All better now!

  6. Andrew

    I’ll have to come back when I have more time to enter the contest, but for now I just want to comment on how great the site looks. Very nice. Issue #507 is looking great too. Anyone else totally in love with the art on the series at the moment?

  7. Aaron K

    With Matt in charge of the Hand and spreading the Hand’s influence (at least in Hell’s Kitchen, if not elsewhere), I would like to see Elektra chosen by the Chaste – who I can’t remember seeing since Daredevil: Ninja – to assassinate Matt. They now need that dark side that left her unfit for membership in “Fall From Grace”.

    Indeed, I’d like a full-blown Hand-Chaste battle with Stone and others involved. Master Izo would join up, seeing that Matt has gone too far. Hell, I’d even take a Young Stick. (I’m sure the Chaste have mystical means of aging his body into that of a young man.) The Chaste can smash into Shadowland (if it is just a fortress) and Elektra and Daredevil can battle in grand fashion. Black Tarantula will turn against the Hand and fight alongside Master Izo. White Tiger will kill Elektra – stabbing her in the back, through the chest naturally, while she battles Matt – making Matt realize what he has become: he’ll then turn on the Hand and kill White Tiger with one of Elektra’s sais. Stone and Master Izo will attempt to take Matt’s life afterwards, but Stick will grudgingly force them to spare him. The Hand will scatter to the four winds… for a time. Matt will be left with the guilt of having caused Elektra’s death AGAIN and of having actually killed White Tiger, whom he placed in harm’s way. He will show up at Foggy’s doorstep, weeping. Foggy will comfort him as only he can.

    I totally just got myself excited to see this! Maybe this is what Shadowland: Elektra will be! πŸ™‚ Any Marvel writers out there: feel free to steal this. (I’m looking at you, Antony!)

  8. Ryan K Lindsay

    I[‘d like to see a scene of Matt and Elektra in bed (I assume for lovers that they did consummate at some stage) and we’d just get a nice scene where they enjoy each other’s company. Sure that might sound bad but it can be the last time they both know they will ever be happy together. It could be short and bitter sweet.

    That’s the scene I’d like to see.

  9. Nick

    Matt and Elektra go to Las Vegas.

    Pretty much writes itself, maybe have Elektra do a lounge singing act. Have Matt be able to sense when a slot machine is about to pay out, an win big.

  10. Matt Duarte

    Alrighty! Here’s my entry:

    I want to see a scene, where Matt and Elektra were still in college. And Matt was trying to grow a beard, much to Elektra’s chagrin. We all know that red headed men cannot grow proper bears (see: Conan O’Brien)

    Elektra: “Matt, you need to get rid of that ridiculous thing!”
    Matt: “What are you talking about? It looks great!”
    Elektra: “No, Matt, it really does not. Trust me, I can actually see it”
    Matt: “But I can FEEL it!”

  11. Matt Duarte

    And by “proper bears”, I of course meant “proper beards”.

  12. Mark Chesney

    I’d see a future story where an aging Matt is finally killed in the line of dare-duty. Perhaps by Typhoid Mary or Bullseye (assuming he makes it through Shadowland). Elektra avenges Matt by killing the assassin, then uses her ninja magic to resurrect Matt. Since she projects her love into the magic, Matt comes alive not as a Hand zombie, but as himself, although cured of his blindness. This is the end of the line for DD, since he’s now just a normal guy. I’m not sure if Elektra sticks around for the happy ending or sneaks off into the sunset to resume her career of anti heroism.

    Maybe her and Matt go to the Canadian woods to train up a team of “Canadian Proper Ninja Bears” (um, sorry about that last part).

  13. Christine

    Okay everyone! I hope you won’t hate me for deciding to only hand out one copy of the book for this particular contest, but with only seven proper entries, it seemed excessive to award two prices. However, one TPB will also go to the person who posted the 1,000th comment here at The Other Murdock Papers, and that is also someone who happens to be on this list. Both of you will be contacted via email. πŸ™‚

    If you didn’t win, feel free to head over to my Facebook page (see link in the sidebar) where the third copy will be awarded. All you need to do is write something on the wall. It could be anything at all, or even a link or a picture. Good luck!

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