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Can you believe it? When I did my little walk-through of the August solicits the other day, I got so caught up in Shadowland that I completely forgot to mention one of the comics I’m looking forward to the most. Daredevil: Black and White #1 is a one-shot that gives us three stories by three writers not set in current continuity. Have a look at the full solicit below, and we’ll talk about it. Also, have a look at the pictures Kuljit posted on ManWithoutFear.com that show how David Aja managed to whip up that gorgeous cover. Nice!

Cover of Daredevil: Black and White #1, by David Aja

Cover of Daredevil: Black and White #1, by David Aja

COVER BY: David Aja
WRITERS: Peter Milligan, Ann Nocenti, and Rick Spears
ART: David Aja, Michele Bertilorenzi

THE STORY: Daredevil, the blind avenger of Hell’s Kitchen faces a life changing decision when he is presented with the chance to see again. But at what cost will Matt regain his sight? Guest starring Bullseye! The Kingpin of crime, ever the Machiavellian mastermind, uses lawyer Matt Murdock’s quest for justice against him in a deadly money-making scheme. And the Man Without Fear finds himself embroiled in a gang war in Japan. All this and much more in this all-new, all-black-and-white one-shot in the spirit of the Mighty Marvel Magazines of yore, but ALL-NOW in style! Parental Advisory …$3.99

Fan favorite Ann Nocenti returned to Daredevil with a guest story in Daredevil #500, teaming up with none other than David Aja, whereas Milligan and Spears are new to the character. There’s really no way of knowing who will be writing which tale, but this sure looks like a broad look at “the man, the lawyer and the vigilante.” I’m just hoping they won’t do one of those takes on Matt almost getting his sight back where he refuses due to the bizarre notion that this would diminish his other senses. I doubt it though, it’s a little too Stan Lee. πŸ˜‰

Generally, it looks like we’ll be dealing with classic Daredevil themes and classic Daredevil villains. I don’t mind this one bit. Not that there can’t be too much of a good thing, but when done right, the conflicts between Daredevil, the Kingpin and Bullseye are compelling for a reason.

Are you going to be picking up this issue and what story are you looking forward to the most? I’ll see you back here tomorrow when I’ll try to finish up “science week” (which turning into “science month”)!


  1. Andrew

    This one-shot is a really great idea. I think I am most looking forward to the gang war story set in Japan, regardless of who is writing it. I’ve always liked the “swashbuckling” stories that take DD abroad for whatever reason.

    Oh, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of “Science Month.” x]

  2. Ryan K Lindsay

    Christine, I think you know I’ll be all over this. My favourite character in one of my favourite formats, bring it on.

    And you didn’t link to the Weekly Crisis version of those images, where’s the team player mentality, ha πŸ™‚

  3. Christine

    @Ryan Oops, my bad! Just trying to give a little link love to the head honcho of the Daredevil community himself. πŸ˜‰

  4. Polter-Cow

    Oh, neat! This looks pretty cool and, as something that likely won’t be collected in a trade, something worth picking up.

  5. Aaron K

    I very much enjoyed both the Dr. Strange and the Ares black-and-white one-shots that came out the last several months. I have high hopes for this issue! I wonder if we should make anything of the Parental Advisory. Is that normal or should we expect a few brutal punches and curse words?


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