Review: Daredevil #506 (9.0/10)

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Cover to Daredevil #506

Cover to Daredevil #506

There’s a saying in my country that goes something like “no wait is too long if the wait is worthwhile.” I’m not sure I’d agree with that (customer service representatives take note), but I will say that Daredevil #506 was well worth the wait, and was a very satisfying read.

Three things stand out in my memory after reading this issue, the first one being the massive shocker at the end of the issue (that I won’t reveal here) which I find both riveting and mildly disconcerting – in that I didn’t see it coming and must now dig out all of my previous issues to see if I can trace it back to its roots. Huge twist coming your way if you haven’t read this issue yet!

The two other things are Marco Checchetto’s absolutely beautiful art which, paired with Hollingsworth’s colors paint scenes both real and imagined in such rich detail as to almost jump off the page, and the return of Matt Murdock to the center stage of his own book.

Perhaps this third point might strike people as strange in that Matt – whether in and out of costume – is quite clearly the focus of the book. But, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve felt that Matt’s thoughts and perspective have been absent as of late, and that’s one of the few things I’ve missed during Diggle’s (and, for the time being, Johnston’s) run. In this issue we get to go inside his head a little more, learn more about his motivations and even enjoy an intimate and very vulnerable moment with the main character.

The intrigue continues and deepens from the previous issue and Matt and Bakuto become strange and reluctant bedfellows. Matt’s deep-rooted sense of decency makes sure that he will always be ready to protect even his enemies from harm whereas Bakuto’s paranoia leads him to suspect the one person who is trying to protect him.

With the final reveal at the end, it becomes clear to the reader that Matt is in a massive amount trouble, but there are still many loose ends to tie up and the mystery at the bottom of it all is far from solved. Next issue should be very interesting indeed, and Daredevil #506 is definitely my favorite issue of Diggle’s run so far. Nice going guys!


  1. Antony Johnston

    Glad you enjoyed it, Christine 🙂

    Obviously, I’m not going to comment on speculation. But what I will say is, “trust us”. Everything — *everything* — that’s happening in DD right now is happening for a reason.

  2. Francesco

    – spoilers –

    You know that deciding to lead the Hand was a not so good idea…
    … when every-single-one of your lieutenants is out for your hide.

  3. Radlum

    As usual, great review and a great comic. I loved the art of the first page, I wish I had a large version of it so I could put it in a frame in my room. Regarding the plot, it was very good, specially the reveal, it brings so many questions about the events since Lady Bullseye arc, I just hope the Shadowland event manages to bring an interesting closure to the plot of DD as leader of the Hand (a change in the status quo that I’m actually enjoying)

  4. Christine

    Hey gang! Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the reassurances, Antony. It does seem like you guys have this little yarn all planned out, and I’m very much looking forward to what this title will bring for the next few months, especially when Shadowland comes out. 🙂

    Speaking of which, I guess I’m going to have to write a post about all the Shadowland news now. Will get right on that!

  5. Dre

    Christine, I like how you made it a point in your review to address the absence of Matts thoughst and feelings since the creative change. This may not be the same for most, but to me the paucity of inner dialogue from Matt has sort of diminished his impact as our primary antagonsit. Not knowing what he’s feeling in intense and significant situations has severely hurt the immersive quality for which Bru and Bendis’ exalted runs excelled at so beautifully. Thankfully, as you noted, Christine, this issue marks the triumplant and maddeningly over due return to having Matt’s mind shared with us fans. Hopefully from this point on we’ll see more of what going on in his head and end the walled-off feeling that been so persistent for so long now.

    Incidentally, hey Mr. Johnston, thanks for making DD feel more like the DD of those excellent years passed again! 🙂 As one DD fan who’s felt the creative change a tad more jarring than most (with great exception to the art!), I’m grateful for you at leas attempting to weave things a bit more seemlessly by diving into Matts head a little more. It’s much appreciated since it almost seemed all but gone there for a while.

  6. Antony Johnston

    Those who’ve been wondering about the lack of internal dialogue should read this interview with Andy.

    Like I said, everything for a reason…

  7. Dre

    Thanks for the link to the interview. It clarified quite a bit.

  8. Christine

    I read that interview earlier today and not only did it address this particular point, but it also shed light on so many other things that Andy has planned for the character. I was positively surprised by the depth and scope of the interview and am very much looking forward to all the things in store for Matt.

    But yes, Matt Murdock the “person” has been missed, and I’m glad he’s back. Then again, I’ve always felt that Matt is more interesting out of costume than in it (though the costume is, of course, a huge part of what makes him interesting). The guy is a walking dichotomy – morally, psychologically, and physiologically – and getting into his head and getting some sense of how he views things, both literally and metaphorically, is just really interesting. Hm, is anyone still wondering why I have a site devoted to this guy? 😀

    I also loved how the dream sequence followed up on the same theme from Daredevil #502. I’m getting a definite supernatural vibe from these dreams, and am very curious to see how they fit into everything. Not expecting Antony to give us any hints, but it must be fun for the creators to watch all the fans engaged in futile speculation. 😉

  9. Radlum

    I just realized that Antony Johnston is…Antony Johnston, the co-writer of the current arc of Daredevil. I love that despite all the sillyness around the internet, at least it’s a great tool to bring creators and fans together, also, it shows how good this blog is.

  10. Dre

    Indeed it does, Radlum.


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