News Roundup, March 4

Mar 4, 2010

News Roundup, March 4

Mar 4, 2010

Hey guys! I bet you’ve missed me, huh? I’m finally back after a two-week absence, and am excited to get back to blogging. Before getting to the other things I have lined up this month (we’ll continue to look at the history of The Hand, for instance), it seemed appropriate to get to a brief update post. Let’s get on with it.


I usually check sales stats religiously, but haven’t been able to this month due to being on vacation. However, I did stumble across Kuljit Mithra mentioning a recent dip in numbers on Twitter a couple of days ago. According to, Daredevil #504 sold just over 37,000 issues. This marks the first time Daredevil dips below the 40,000 mark in quite a while and this is not good news. However, I can’t say that I’m all that surprised. I’m enjoying the new creative team quite a bit (as you all know), but I can see why others might jump ship with the jarring changes in status quo. I’ll return to this topic in more detail in a separate post tomorrow.


What Daredevil does have going for it is an enthusiastic fan base, and its presence online is growing constantly. I’m happy to say that this site is just one of the many relatively new Daredevil-related projects on the Internet. Below, I’ll just list some of the latest examples of Daredevil love you’ll find online.

  • The guys behind the Legion of Dudes podcast have started a Daredevil-specific podcast called Speak of the Devil, which is available for free on iTunes. Since I’ve been back home, I’ve only had the time to listen to the first of these shows, but it’s really good stuff so go check them out!

  • At this point, you probably all know about Robert’s blog The Matt Murdock Chronicles. Well, Robert has continued to work his way through the Daredevil archives and has reached the respectable number of 150. Upon reaching this landmark, he offers a list of ten things he’s learned as well as a list of his ten favorite stories so far.

  • As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started contributing regularly (though at a measured pace) to The Weekly Crisis. Well, fellow TWC contributor and Daredevil fan Ryan K Lindsay gave us a look back at his favorite ten Daredevil covers earlier in the week, so have a look at those as well!

Well, that’s about it for now! Thanks for being patient with me while I’ve been gone this week. Oh, and before I forget, the email subscription sign-up form stopped working with my latest WordPress update. I will fix that shortly, but be advised that if you are an email subscriber, you will not be getting any more updates, but will have to sign up again. If you wish to get information on when this feature will be operational again, send a message to

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  1. Andrew

    I think the dip in numbers for the series can also be attributed to the Brubaker effect (in this case, referring to his absence). I have heard of some people dropping the title with his departure since they started reading it as fans of his work.


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