Daredevil enters the shadows

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How’s that for an enigmatic entry title? News from a week ago (that I was too busy/lazy/distracted to post at the time) reveals that Antony Johnston will be staying on with Diggle for another arc spanning issues #508-512. The name of the arc is In the Shadows. Johnston himself offered this comment when revealing the news on his site: “I can’t say any more than that, but I’m pretty sure dedicated fans will like it… “. Ah yes, mysterious indeed.

This means that Johnston will be with us for most of the rest of the year considering that Daredevil #508 won’t hit the stands until July, most likely. I definitely liked what little we’ve seen of Johnston’s and Diggle’s cooperation thus far – with Daredevil #505 – so I think this is good news. I also hope this means the book will be able to ship on a monthly basis from now on. While I didn’t mention it in my previous post “Why are Daredevil sales going down?” it seems reasonable to assume that leaving readers hanging too long between issues isn’t great for boosting reader loyalty among casual fans.

So, between this and Shadowland (is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a big-ass dungeon?), 2010 looks like it’ll be the year Matt Murdock spends most of his time in the shade. To get some reader interaction going, how do you think this year’s worth of Daredevil related shenanigans will play into the fall-out of Dark Reign and the coming Heroic Age? And no, commenting on The Other Murdock Papers’ Facebook fan page – while appreciated – doesn’t count, so let us know right here what you think will be in store for Matt Murdock. 😉

See you next week with a review of Daredevil Redemption, and much more!


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