May brings Shadowland intrigue and Luke Cage

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Daredevil: Cage Match #1 cover

Daredevil: Cage Match #1 cover

I guess I should have held off on Sunday’s news update a little longer, because the May solicits were just posted today. While there appears to be no regular Daredevil issue for the month of May, not any trace of Andy Diggle’s much anticipated event (let’s just call it Shadowland, though it’s not official), there will at least be something Daredevil related coming our way.

One news item that leaked yesterday was the one-shot that pits the Man Without Fear against none other than Luke Cage. The issue will be written by Daredevil #505-507 co-writer Antony Johnston (whose name I’ve finally learned to spell correctly…) and sets up some events for the still somewhat enigmatic Shadowland. The solicit for Daredevil: Cage Match #1 can be found below. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s glad to see a Djurdjevic cover for this puppy, though I think we could have done without the tiara. 😉

Pencils by SEAN CHEN
Before the Shadowland comes, we look back at a bit of brutal history between Luke Cage and Daredevil, revealing a mutual respect that may soon be torn asunder.
32 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+…$2.99


  1. Nicolas Papaconstantinou

    The tiara is IMPORTANT, you heathen! It’s a tragic oversight whenever a creative team doesn’t include it.

    It’s good to see Antony getting a bit of recognition – he’s a great writer who has been putting the work in for a really long time, so it’s about time he has more work than he knows what to do with.

  2. The Uranian

    I must confess I’m very excited about this

  3. Antony Johnston

    I love the tiara. I didn’t specify it, but I’m glad it’s there 🙂

  4. Christine

    Okay, so the tiara fans seem to be in the majority. I guess Luke Cage is just very secure in his sexuality. 😉

    Great of you to drop by again, Antony. I read what you posted on your site yesterday about a superhero book not being your “usual fare,” and I for one am happy to see someone with that kind of background tackling Daredevil since he’s so often been written as a fairly atypical superhero.

    Anyway, good luck, have fun, and work that tiara!

  5. Bill

    I think Luke would call it a headband…

  6. Francesco

    That’s an awesome cover, don’t you think?

  7. Robert

    Re: the whole tiara shenanigans, does this mean we’re having a return to 70s style Power Man – certainly looks like it from the cover as Luke appears to be growing back his hair (and here I was thinking he had male pattern baldness…)

    Weird though that Luke and Matt are having a ‘beef’ don’t you think? Perhaps Danny’ll step in and be all zen and get them to calm down.

  8. Robert

    Oh, hang on, sorry. I’ve just actually read the solicitation – this is Luke from the past. Okay, I get it now…

  9. Dre

    Any chance of me buying this issue was defenstrated along with Cage’s dignity as soon I saw that foresaken tiara and yellow collar shirt marring what would have been an otherwise superberb cover! Why hasn’t that outfit been expunged from histroy yet, every comic book with its appearenced destroyed? Why, oh, why? All right. Enough hyperbole. DAREDEVIL: CAGE MATCH #1 seems interesting enough to at least warrent a flip though at the LCS. And at $3? I may just pick it up to fill the DD ongoings absence for that month. Why not?

  10. John

    Well It may not be the current uniform the solicit does say “brutal history” Also Anyone elso notice that Antony Johnston actually posted in the comments?


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