Daredevil will be involved in Shadowland!

by Jan 12, 2010Daredevil News2 comments

Well, while Andy Diggle wouldn’t go so far as confirming his own involvement in this event, he did reveal that Shadowland is indeed in the works at Marvel and that Daredevil will be involved. He talked about this and much more in a podcast interview with New York-based Midtown Comics yesterday. I say this is great news for those of us who would like more Daredevil in our daily diet, so go check out that podcast and throw in your two cents in the comments!


  1. Andrew

    Listening to Diggle talk about the character and the direction he wants to take him in is pretty exciting, although I wonder how long he will want to stay on the title given some of the things he said (gets bored quickly). Anyway, looking forward to Shadowland (at least now we know for sure that DD is involved). :]

  2. Aaron

    I wondered the same thing about Diggle and his longevity.

    Excited about Shadowland, though.


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