Case closed? Thoughts on Marvel’s Shadowland

by | Dec 28, 2009 | Daredevil News | 5 comments

Remember the Marvel project Shadowland? It was mentioned by Joe Quesada back in August (see my post about it), and since then we haven’t really heard anything about it. Yesterday, the ever vigilant Kuljit Mithra posted the following on Twitter:

“Marvel editor Tom Brevoort hints at why there’s no DD 506 in March

Next thing you know, regular visitor Andrew brought the subject up in a comment to my old Shadowland post. I think Andrew is on to something here, and I even have some additional evidence to add to this fun bit of intrigue. In mid-November, I tweeted the following:

“To those in the know: What happened to the Marvel project Shadowland (working title)? Will it tie into Siege or something?”

Andy Diggle gave me an enigmatic reply, complete with mysterious smiley:

“@Chris_TOMP All good things to those who wait… ; )”

And, a couple of weeks before that, he gave us this tease:

“Plotting out a big top-secret Marvel project, I just invented the word ‘explodapalooza.’ I’m quite pleased with it.”

I know a lot of people don’t exactly love Twitter, but this is the kind of thing it’s great for. With this, I think we’ve pretty much cracked the case. Whether the name of the project is still Shadowland remains to be seen, but it looks clear to me that Diggle will indeed be writing it and that this is what’s affecting the Daredevil schedule. Comment away good readers!


  1. Ryan K Lindsay

    I agree, Twitter is absolutely perfect for this kind of thing and I love it for that. As for these tweets, I’m not convinced that they all point a direct line to what you’re thinking, but they certainly point somewhere, so we just have to keep on the scent.
    Good work!

  2. Christine

    True, I may be jumping the gun a little, but I think the circumstantial evidence does point in this direction. Considering that Shadowland (or whatever it’s current title is) has been described as an event that the street-level characters will be involved in, it also fits Diggle’s bill pretty well. Then there’s all of Quesada’s talk about a “Daredevil family of books” which sounds odd when talking about a guy who only has one. Either way, I will keep up the detective work. 😉

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Andrew

    If Diggle is already hard at work (as Tom Brevoort suggests) on this event (if indeed that is what he is working on) then we may not need to wait long to see if we’re right (given the March 2010 delay of the main DD series). There should be some kind of announcement in the weeks ahead.

  4. Kirk Warren

    Interesting. I don’t even remember hearing anything about Shadowland. I dont’ think it’ll have anything to do with Siege as that is already well under way and tie-ins are known well in advance, but it’s likely it’ll have something to do with Daredevil based on the lack of solicits, Diggle’s involvement and his Twitter comments.

    ANd based on the original description, it sounds like Black Tarantula, Daredevil, White Tiger will make up the street level heroes you don’t associate with events. Could probably throw in Iron Fist to the mix since he’s lacking a book and has ties to Daredevil and Luke Cage or Spidey could help add more name power (well, Spider-Man anyways) and keep it street level. Might end up like Assault on New Olympus for Hercules with some guest star power propping up the minievent.

  5. AdamRichman

    Definitely doesn’t have the feel of a mega event. More or less a crossover centered on the Avengers but *Shadow*land?

    “Even In the Heroic Age, there is still darkness” – I could see this as a tag line for a promo teaser



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