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Yes, I know what you’re thinking (really, I do). “Wow, she is really running out of things to posts about, isn’t she?” Don’t feel bad, I don’t blame you. But this post isn’t a sign that the end is near, it’s more like proof that you can write a Daredevil post about almost anything.

With a publication history of 45 years, you’d be hard-pressed to come across a topic that hasn’t been dealt with in some way, and today we’ll be looking at facial hair. More specifically, a certain Foggy Nelson’s facial hair. Let’s get to it and meet Matt at the airport in Daredevil #200, by Denny O’Neil, with art by William Johnson. He’s been in Japan, and during his absence, Foggy has grown a thick mustache that he can’t wait to show off…

Foggy shows Matt his mustache in Daredevil #200, by Denny O'Neil and William Johnson

Hm, that’s awkward. Naturally, Matt doesn’t quite appreciate Foggy’s new look and Foggy, in turn, must have been separated from his partner long enough to actually forget that he’s blind. As we’ll see in the next scene, from Daredevil #222 (by Denny O’Neil and David Mazzucchelli), Foggy makes the exact same mistake again…

Matt shows up at his office, Daredevil #222, by Denny O'Neil and David Mazzucchelli
Foggy comes out of the bathroom, Daredevil #222
Foggy explains the loss of his mustache, Daredevil #222

Man, will he stop pestering his blind partner with that darn mustache? It seems very odd to me that Foggy would forget about Matt’s blindness when he’s hung out with him virtually every day for years. Even weirder is the fact that he gets totally embarrassed when he forgets. Matt’s not exactly the sensitive kind. What we do find out here is that Foggy’s mustache was the result of his ex-wife Debbie’s influence (there’s another character I could devote a worthless post to). Matt really didn’t like Debbie.

Just for fun, I’ll end this post with a look at Foggy shaving again in Daredevil #82, volume 2, the first issue by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark. Years may have passed, the setting may have changed, but Foggy still looks like a hunk in that tank top! 😉

Foggy shaving, Daredevil #82 volume 2, by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark


  1. Felicity

    What he really needs is a better haircut!

    This a tangent, but it was nice to see Dakota North again. I hadn’t seen her since her 1980s series.

    • Christine

      Yeah, Dakota rocks! Thanks for commenting and welcome to the blog! 😀

  2. Gloria

    O Yea… he definitely looks swell in the tank top. I agree with you that the “I forgot” thing is a bit strenuous for the reader: we know Foggy -at that point- has NOT discovered that Matt is DD, but the notion that Matt is blind should be, hum, a bit clearer? (at least Brubaker-Lark got it right the last time)

    I don’t dislike the moustache, as I thing that a change of looks is not a bad thing (remember Matt’s goatee) and I certainly believe that it looks good on Foggy. I like Foggy’s hairdo, but change is an interesting idea, even tho’ if I were Foggy I wouldn’t try the full “Kojak” shave or an afro: he would not look as endearing ;p

  3. Aaron Kimel

    You know what always bothered me about DD #82? Becky says that Foggy is probably in the bathroom and Dakota just walks right in. Who does that? And who would want to? Maybe Dakota had a little crush on Foggy before she settled for Matt. 😉

  4. Gloria

    Aaron, that is an interesting remark!

    I have a good number of siblings and even if we had to queue to the (only) bathroom, each one of us liked to enjoy her/his private moments without being disturbed.

    Considering that Dakota (that we know) only has a kid brother, her interruption in the bath looks a tad unpolite, even if Foggy was only shaving. That’s unproper for a working relationship, so, as you do, I wonder if… hum.

    If so, Foggy was more clever than Matt, and put the blinds on the window, I mean, we haven’t heard of any scandalous polaroids, have we? ;p


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