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  • A Daredevil #502 preview was posted to CBR, but was apparently removed. Fortunately, whenever something hits the Internet, it’s pretty hard to undo it, and the preview can be found on the French site Superpouvoir.com. I can’t think of why they’d want to pull it back though. It doesn’t contain any more spoilers than most other previews I’ve seen. Of course, having said that, proceed with caution. UPDATED: The same preview is now available at CBR as well.

  • Not strictly Daredevil news, but the first issue of Black Widow: Secret Origin by Paul Cornell and Tom Raney is out today. I’ve picked up my issue and may comment more on it later. Daredevil is scheduled to make an appearance in the third issue of the mini-series, and I just couldn’t pass that up. Besides, I think Natasha is a really cool character in her own right.


Newsarama tosses around some names for a sort of wish list of “street-level avengers” for the Siege event. I’m not sure what the point is with that post, but Daredevil obviously makes the list.

Blog Updates

Not strictly a blog update, but if you’re on Facebook, please consider becoming a fan of The Other Murdock Papers’ brand new fan page! I’ll consider doing more with it than just duplicate blog content.

Well, that’s it for now! I’ve had an insanely busy last couple of weeks, but hope to be back up to speed around these parts fairly soon. See you later!