Antony Johnston to co-write DD #505-507

by Nov 12, 2009Daredevil News2 comments

Antony Johnston announced on Twitter today that he will be co-writing Daredevil #505-507 with regular scribe Andy Diggle. The current arc ends with Daredevil #504, which means that Johnston will be coming on board with the start of the next arc (which early indicators suggest might take our hero on a little trip…). Whether the next arc will only be three issues or whether this will just be a temporary reinforcement, only the guilty parties themselves can tell.

If I may throw around a guess here, I suspect part of the reason for this roster change might be Diggle’s schedule (he has yet to finish Dark Reign: Hawkeye #5 for instance). One thing that’s for sure, however, is that my review of Daredevil #502 will be up shortly. I will see you then!

Update 11/20/09:

For more information and comments, see this story by Bleeding Cool.


  1. Robert

    …presumably no relation to Anthony and the Johnstons 😉

    Seriously though haven’t heard of this guy but I quick trip to your link and he looks quite interesting…

  2. Ryan K Lindsay

    I have to say, strangely enough, I am hugely pumped for this to happen. Even excited, which is very cool. I haven’t seen any solicits, i wonder where Murdock will travel…


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