News Roundup, October 19

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  • It was just announced today that Daredevil #501 sold out and will be going back for a second printing! In the current economic climate, and with so many books gradually shedding readers (for various reasons), this is really good news for both Daredevil fans and the new creative team. Read more about this news at

  • Marvel released their solicits for January today, and I must say that Daredevil #504 is looking mighty interesting! As always, there are spoilers, but the fearless can have a look at this and other solicits at Daredevil will also be making a guest appearance in Black Widow: Deadly Origins #3.

  • Check for more items coming out in 2010 at Items of note are a new Nocenti TPB and Essential Daredevil vol 5, featuring issues from Gerry Conway’s and Steve Gerber’s runs (with art by Gene Colan, Bob Brown and others).


My good friends from Monkey on my Back (you meet all kinds of people hanging around Twitter all day…) recently posted a review of Guardian Devil. They are also generally cool people with a cool podcast, so any comics fan would be well-advised to check them out.

That’s it for now! Everyone have a good week!


  1. Radlum

    At last, a new Nocenti’s TPB; I’m sure I will be getting it next year. Also, a new essential Daredevil, sounds interesting, I wonder if they will get to the Miller’s run. Anyway, I don’t understand why we need a premiere HC of Parts of a Hole, it wasn’t bad but it certainly doesn’t deserve such a treatment (tough it seems Marvel is giving HC for many minor stories).

  2. Marc

    I’m happy to see Marvel’s collected editions department finally paying attention to some of the company’s seemingly forgotten creative runs. Although I haven’t read Nocenti’s Daredevil work, I’ll probably pick up the trade, especially since it’s drawn by John Romita Jr.

    As for Parts of a Hole, it seems to be a continuation of Marvel’s policy of letting its old trades go out of print and then reprinting them in more expensive hardcovers. They’re currently doing the same thing for both Supreme Power and Runaways.


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