Random Reviews – The Widow part II (vol 2, #62)

Sep 13, 2009

Random Reviews – The Widow part II (vol 2, #62)

Sep 13, 2009

I was quite delighted to see which issue was next in line to get the Random Reviews treatment as this is one of my favorites from the Bendis/Maleev run. It’s exciting, funny, and even sensual.


This arc starts in issue #61 when the Black Widow comes back to town after being called in when out on assignment. Madam Hydra has been apprehended in Bulgaria and their government is refusing to turn her over to the Americans unless Natasha is turned over to them. Natasha returns to New York and decides to hide more or less out in the open and crashing the place of friend and former lover Matt Murdock. He, meanwhile, has his own set of problems in the wake of having his secret revealed to the world, and being separated from Milla who has filed for an annulment. In the previous issue, Matt has received a tip from Ben Urich that regular Punisher foe Jigsaw is involved in some shady business and that the police have decided to lay low, giving Matt and Natasha the chance to go out and play…

Matt and Natasha hiding out in Daredevil #62, volume 2

The issue

At the beginning of the issue, Matt and Natasha are shown having quite a bit of fun while going up against Jigsaw, and neither of them seem to take him very seriously. Natasha is looking for even more fun when the two return to his apartment later. Matt is obviously enthralled with his former lover, but his love for Milla persists throughout this arc and he declines Natasha’s advances.

Matt and Natasha kissing in Daredevil #62, volume 2

Understandably, Foggy has some questions about Natasha’s visit, and Bendis shows his knack for writing witty dialogue in the exchange below. Foggy wants Matt to spill the beans about getting lucky with the hot Russian spy, but there’s nothing to tell.

There are other examples of funny scenes in this issue when Jigsaw, who opened the issue by spraying the fierce red-headed duo with bullets, seeks out Matt to find out what it takes to be in the “Daredevil business.” Regular readers may remember the panel in the lower right-hand corner from my captioning contest a few months ago.

Matt kicks Jigsaw out of his office after stating that “you obviously have me confused with someone else,” and goes to lunch with Natasha instead. After a few pages of dialogue where Natasha interrogates Matt about his marriage, and Matt finds a new fan in a waitress appreciative of his charitable contributions to the community, the two are interrupted. Matt and Natasha find themselves the target of a hit, and the issue ends in a cliffhanger.

The verdict

This issue showcases the best of both Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. The story is tense, it feels very real in the way you want from a Daredevil comic and it proves that the book doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. While I’ve really enjoyed, Ed Brubaker’s time at the helm, I really did miss the subtle everyday humor that would surface from time to time during Bendis’s run, despite the chaos of Matt’s life. Maleev draws an incredibly sexy Natasha, and helps to tell the story the way a good artists should by conveying all the appropriate facial expressions poses. Oh, and did I mention it just looks hot? Yeah, I think I did. This issue gets and easy 4.5/5 from me


  1. Matt Ampersand

    I think one of the sexiest and funniest moments in the Bendis/Maleev run is when a mysterious female figure walks into Matt Murdock's office and starts removing her clothes while Matt just keeps talking unfazed, and then we see that it was the Widow in disguise.

  2. Radlum

    I agree with Ampersand; that moment was sexy and hilarious. I wasn't really impressed with the whole Widow arc but I liked it anyway; I like how Bendis managed to include all of Matt's previous love interests during his run in an interesting quite fitting way (though I would have liked to see Typhoid Mary get a bigger role). Thanks to Daredevil and Bendis I actually like the Black Widow; before reading this I really didn't care about her at all and now she's one of my favorite female Marvel characters.


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