Before there was ninjutsu, there was yoga

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Matt Murdock is nothing if not dedicated to his craft. Low-powered and forced to rely mostly on hard-earned fighting skills, he can’t afford not to learn from past battles and strive to constantly improve himself. In this panel below on the left, from Daredevil #18, decades before the ninja training with Stick and all the other martial arts voodoo, we learn that Matt practices yoga. After his close brush with death against Namor in Daredevil #7, he realized that not being able to breathe under water is a bit of a hassle. Most of us would just give up at this point. But that’s not Matt Murdock’s style. He practices oxygen-preservation techniques instead. And may I add that this was long before yoga was even popular. Heck, it even predates the Beatles going to India. Kudos to you, Mr. Murdock.

Panel from Daredevil #18, volume 1, by Stan Lee and John Romita


  1. Francesco

    Heh. we should be thankful! Imagine if “The Man” had instead the idea of having him use a “billy-club’s built-in miniaturized rebreather with mini oxigen tank”!

  2. toni



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