News Roundup, August 12

Aug 11, 2009

News Roundup, August 12

Aug 11, 2009

I never seem to be able to schedule these on the same day every week, but here goes…


Well, nothing much to report here. With Daredevil #500 less than a week away, there probably won’t be anything new until after that issue hits the shelves. However, for those who missed it, there is a preview of that issue available, as reported in this post. There were also some hints fom Alex Maleev about a possible future Daredevil motion comic in this interview with CBR about his work on the upcoming Spider-Woman motion comic.


You gotta love the work Robert over at the Matt Murdock Chronicles. He’s just finished his first 100 issues and have tackled even the more bizarre issues with great enthusiasm. He just recently finished a post on what he’s learned over the last fifty issues, so pay him a visit will ya! I also recommend looking at some alternative DD costumes fellow fan JP drew and posted on his blog The Red Shaker. The first post of three can be found HERE.


I recently did a partial update of the archive page for the first time in four months. I have yet to add summaries of each post, but will get to that over the weekend. I’m also adding artists labels to post where such labels have been missing until now and hope to finish that too over the weekend. We can’t have the blog being a mess with an anniversary coming, now can we? Ending with a real life update: I’m now back at work after my three week vacation, which feels surprisingly okay so far. I hope you guys are doing well too!


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