Daredevil #500 Week begins here!

Aug 17, 2009

Daredevil #500 Week begins here!

Aug 17, 2009

All of us Daredevil fans know that this coming Wednesday is no ordinary Wednesday. For that same reason, this is no ordinary week here at The Other Murdock Papers. With a big anniversary issue just two days away and a new creative team taking over in September, I’m expecting an unusual number of readers who may be looking into Daredevil for the first time (or looking to get back in the game) finding this blog while trying to look for relevant Daredevil information.

In this first post of the week, my goal is to provide links to all information related to the anniversary issue and the creative team hand-over in one handy location. I’m also going to give you links to some of my previous posts that provide good starting points for people who wish to know more about Daredevil and don’t know where to begin. And, do check out my guest post at The Weekly Crisis, published earlier today.

Tomorrow, I will be posting a regularly scheduled post as we look at the next chapter in the history of Daredevil’s elusive radar sense (look HERE for previous posts in this series). On Wednesday, everyone will get the chance to test their knowledge of Daredevil trivia with a one of a kind Daredevil quiz. On Thursday, I will be posting my review of Daredevil #500, which will lead into Friday’s post about the new status quo (whatever that might be) and provide solid information for everyone who wants to get cozy with the blind guy in the devil pajamas.

Daredevil #500 – the previews and the sneak peaks

The new creative team and future Daredevil direction

Some posts to get you started

Humorous posts for newbies and veterans alike

  • Wacky powers has been a popular series here at The Other Murdock Pages. Read all posts HERE.
  • Seeing things is another series of funny posts. You thought Daredevil was blind? Well, some creators have forgotten that fact from time to time.
  • Look for these and other posts under the Humor label. Daredevil is not just grit and gloom.

I hope you’ll find these links helpful, and don’t forget to pick up Daredevil #500 on Wednesday

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