Daredevil #500 preview!

Aug 5, 2009

Daredevil #500 preview!

Aug 5, 2009

Wohoo! With two weeks to go (you did set your alarm, right?), a preview of Daredevil #500 is up at IGN, featuring art by Michael Lark (as part of the ongoing story), Klaus Jansen and David Aja. Aja is penciling Ann Nocenti’s story, and Jansen is penciling a story that appears to also be written by Brubaker, but I could be wrong (it’s not indicated anywhere). There’s quite a bit of spoilery stuff in the preview, so I’ll discuss some of my impressions and reactions in the comments. Feel free to add your own!


  1. Christine

    Here are some of my reactions:

    The tone here is definitely that someone is going to back down or that there will be some kind of complication which will save Foggy's life. And there had better be. I'm not just saying that because I have an emotional attachment to the character (which I do), but because killing good long-term characters for short-term shock value is a technique that should be used sparingly. One thing that did make me smile was how much the scene reminded me of my "Because I can't just kill him" series, where the Black Tarantula is suddenly acting the part of Electro.

    Hospital room scene
    This scene is interesting for a couple of reasons: It indirectly gives us Matt's current age (around 33) and the figure that I automatically assumed was Stick looks more like Izo to me every time I see it. Because Stick had long hair, right? Thoughts? Also, I love seeing Jack Murdock whenever he appears in DD.

    Nocenti story
    One thought only: Lots of (beautiful) art, but will there eventually be any real dialogue or more captions?

  2. Gloria

    I'm worried about Foggy yet, as you say, I hope he'll survive. I hope Brubaker respects us readers and doesn't pull an O'Breen. My guesses:
    -BT is playing the "Bad Cop" part, but isn't actually under complete Hand control and has some backup plan.
    – BT is actually being bad. But Foggy falls on a Matresses's shop delivery truck.
    – BT isn't actually under complete Hand control, but cannot forgive Foggy for being reluctant to give him a job when he was on parole. Luckily, Foggy lands on his best padding.
    – BT is actually being bad. Foggy recovers from the fall but has to use a wheelchair as a result. Foggy and Becky get married.
    – BT is actually being bad. But Danny arrives just in time like the proverbial cavalry (I think Matt will be pretty busy with Dakota/Kingpin/LB)

    Hospital Room scene: I'd swear he's Izo. While we don't see him carrying a bottle with alcoholic content, you're right about the hair… And he SMILES! Also, I think Miller drew Stick as a balding guy. Izo's hair is short, but it's all there.

    And I think that the Nocenti/aja combination is going to be fine… In fact, I'm a bit sad David Aja is not the new DD artist: he's good and his style is dead right for the series… His fill-in issues have been great (and that from a raving Michael Lark fan!)

  3. Jeremy

    I like how they brought Klaus Freakin' Janson from whatever hole he was in to draw this flashback. Speaking of art, been waiting for a good old DD/Bullseye fight, and to have it drawn by Immortal Iron Fist artist David Aja is a dream come true.

    Lets see how they rap up this run and move on to the next big stage in DD's life.

    Ya know…as a leader of the world's biggest ninja assassins >_>


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