Additional preview pages for Daredevil #500

Aug 13, 2009

Additional preview pages for Daredevil #500

Aug 13, 2009

Well, some entirely new pages from Daredevil #500 which we haven’t seen before have been posted to CBR. These contain some spoilers, but if you’re like me, you’re going to have a look anyway. I’ll add my own thoughts in a comment, so stay clear of that if you want to keep yourself spoiler free.


  1. Christine

    1) It looks like this is the end of the road for Milla. It might not have been how I would have wished for the two of them to end, but I'm relieved that Bru is putting an end to the semi-stasis he's kept her in for so long.

    2) So, Izo used to be a member of the Hand. This has been hinted at before, but here it is out in the open. Interesting that he also apparently blinded himself and wasn't born blind like Stick.

    3) Please Foggy, don't die on us! I don't think he will, even judging from his dangling off the side of the building in the other preview, but you never know.

    I can't wait until Wednesday. What are your thoughts?

  2. Tom

    I couldn't help but think, we're being maninpulated. Foggy and Milla are vulnerable — so Dakota is going to die.

    How's that for comic book reasoning?


  3. Gloria

    I don't believe that Dakota will die… Marvel would be wasting the character if she does: hasn't a series about her by Cebulski been scheduled for a couple of years? my guess is that it has been "frozen" while Dakota is on DD, so it would be silly to get rid of the character. There should always be room for a good PI with brains as good as her looks.

    As for Foggy… Hum, his call got suddenly interrupted, didn't it? With Matt and Izo at the other side of the wire, I'm certain this didn't go unnoticed! (translated: looks like the cavalry will get there in time?)

  4. Francesco

    Whoa. Good stuff.

  5. Radlum

    I can't wait to read this issue; I hope Foggy doesn't die since his relationship with Matt is pretty well written and he is a great character, tough it could be ironic that the Brubaker's run started with Foggy not being really dead and ended with him truly being dead.
    Also, it's kind of sad that Milla has to go, since I got used to her character, but I guess it was expected since bad things happen to women involved with Matt.

  6. Frangelo

    You know, Master Izo reminds me of the 2003 film rendition of Zatoichi. Anyways, I can't wait!

  7. Frangelo

    When I think about it again, the line "I blinded myself so I could see this world better…" from Master Izo is kinda same from the 2003 film Zatoichi. Hmmm…

  8. Tom

    I just went back and re-read issues 116-119, and I now agree with Gloria — it doesn't look good for Milla.

    I am really getting pumped for issue 500 now that I have re-read the current arc.

    I'll be at the comic store bright and early on Wednesday!


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