News Roundup, July 5

Jul 5, 2009

News Roundup, July 5

Jul 5, 2009

Hey there, everyone! There are at least a few things to link to this time around, so I thought I’d throw one of these together.


We learn that Daredevil has a “family of books” in this Cup O’Joe interview at CBR. I’m interested to see which books he’s talking about. The entire quote (and hints of a Daredevil-centered event within an event?) is as follows:

Joe Quesada: There’s going to be huge stuff happening all over the Marvel Universe. Our goal is to give our fans so much variety and so many incredible choices that they’re going to have to just pick up all out books, I’m not kidding, our creators are bringing their A+ game, this was our challenge to them and they are delivering in spades. There’s going to be significant life altering storylines for our characters even in places you may not have expected.

For example, Daredevil is going to be in the middle of some unexpected happenings and the center of his own eventful storyline that will encompass a number of books that are within his family. Fans have been clamoring for some event relief and for stories that are a bit more centric to individual titles and families, so we’ve hard them and we’re going to change gears for a while and see if we can create something cool and new with respect to how we handle stories that tie together.

So, hold on to your seats because it’s going to be a crazy ride. We have stuff planned for Avengers, X-Men and solo characters like Thor that are going to blow your freakin’ mind!

Not Daredevil related, but I recommend actually clicking the link too if you want to read Mark Waid’s story of being kidnapped by some overenthusiastic comic book fans from Vermont. It’s a funny story.


The first two of these are courtesy of Kuljit Mithra’s (of always informative Twitter feed:

  • Former Daredevil artist Alex Maleev talks about Roberto de la Torre’s artwork in a thread on Bendis’s Jinxworld board HERE.

  • A new study on human echolocation reveals some cool things about the ability and mentions our very own Daredevil too!

  • This study is also mentioned in this blog post by Discover Magazine with an even greater focus on Daredevil (though I find the talk of him having a radar device to be a little odd).


Not much to report here except to say that I fixed the link to my Twitter account in the side bar a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t working for a while since I switched user names and forgot to update. If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow me. I tweet about all kinds of stuff, and I’ve even been called amusing on occasion. 😉

I’ll see you all again shortly!

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  1. Francesco

    By "books that are within his family" Quesada probably means books that more or less are near his orbit, like New Avengers, Amazing Spider-man, Immortan Iron Fist or Punisher War Journal.


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