Brand New Amnesia

by | Jul 30, 2009 | Commentary | 2 comments

Amazing Spider-Man #600 came out last week (I doubt anyone missed it), and it had a lengthy guest appearance by Daredevil. I don’t usually read Spider-Man, and the headache of Brand New Day makes the thought of picking it up just slightly unappetizing, but I did actually enjoy the anniversary issue. It even casts some light on how the whole “I know who you are, but you don’t know who I am” situation. I’m not saying it makes a lot of sense, but apparently Matt is very much aware of the fact that he should know who Spider-Man is, but can’t remember and is apparently mystically prevented from figuring it out by his usual means. When Spider-Man offers to let him in on the secret, Daredevil stops him and reminds him of all the things it’s cost him to have his private life exposes. Still, the new setup is a little awkward as far as these two guys are concerned.

image from Amazing Spider-Man #600


  1. Marc

    Things like this give me hope that there actually is some sort of long-term plan to restore Spider-Man's old status quo (or, at least, to let him remember things as they really happened). I just wish they would get on with it instead of giving us these little teases.

  2. Gloria

    The new setup is a little awkward as far as treaders are concerned, too ;p

    I honestly think that a clever writer could had come with a story which cleared Peter from his "outing" and didn't involve Mephisto. And, as far as I'm concerned, there were options far more acceptable of having MJ out of Peter's life, and more when writers state that Harry Osborn's return has nothing to do with a certain Faustian pact.

    Personally, I find a bit sad that the whole thing has stranged the buddy relationship between Spidey and DD… and more since it has been re-arranged that the Fantastic Four learn again that Spidey is Peter Parker: Why the FF can and Matt can't? Inconsistence, thy name is Quesada


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