“Because I can’t just kill him” – Part 3

Jul 20, 2009

“Because I can’t just kill him” – Part 3

Jul 20, 2009

So, the last time Daredevil found himself at the mercy of a villain was… last issue. That’s right, in part two of this series we paid a visit to Daredevil #4 and now we’ve reached Daredevil #5. Let’s analyze…


Daredevil vs The Matador, easily one of the silliest villains of Silver Age Daredevil (and that’s saying a lot).

The situation

Daredevil gets into a fight with the Matador at a costume party. The Matador uses his most powerful red blanket to stop our hero in his tracks by throwing it over his head, causing Daredevil to feel “the way an ordinary sightless man might feel in a battle!” At this point, our ridiculous themed villain is free to do as he pleases with his vulnerable adversary, which leads us to…

The problem

In the Matador’s defense, he really isn’t trying to kill Daredevil and doesn’t seem quite as homicidal as some of the nut jobs Daredevil has come into contact with thus far in the series. However, the I-just-want-to-ruin-your-career excuse seems a little far-fetched. In his own words: “Causing you bodily injury will afford me no pleasure! It pleases me to humiliate you instead… as a lesson to others! — And now, farewell! It is unlikely that we shall meet again! For I feel the Matador has ended your career, most emphatically!” Of course, this raises all kinds of new questions. Why does he talk about himself in the third person, and what career does Daredevil have to speak of at this point?

To everyone’s relief, Daredevil manages to get back at the villainous bullfighter, later in the issue, thus saving his career and his self-esteem.

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  1. Bill

    Ok, the bigger problem with this is not the “I can’t just kill him moment.” It’s that Matt get his ass handed to him BY A MATADOR! Boy, if it’s 1964 and I’m looking for a comic hero to follow, I’m going to pick the guy who gets his butt kicked BY A MATADOR! Thank God for modern Ninja DD and death of the Silver Age (that a little strong, I like the Silver Age).


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