Word balloon finals!

Jun 3, 2009

Word balloon finals!

Jun 3, 2009

Okay, thanks for playing everyone! It’s been really hard narrowing these down to my favorite five since I really enjoyed every single one of them (all 45!). The final decision, however, is up to you. Below, you’ll find the panels again, with my own captions inserted (not part of the contest, of course) and all of the entries below each panel. The entries moving on to the final are marked in bold so just vote for your pick in the poll at the bottom of the post. You may vote for your own entry since I really have no way of checking that anyway. The poll will close at midnight EST time on June 10 (that’s 6 am CET and 5 am GMT, June 11). The next day, I will officially announce the winner and the prize. Everything good to go? Okay!

  • Darn it, I’m never going to sew this on time!
  • Doubling my burden will not make it worse.
  • It was bad enough sewing this costume. Better hire someone else to do the drapes!
  • urk…ack…argh… okay, change of plans. No cape.
  • Mmmrrfffmmm! Bllrrgl!
  • They want to change my custome to red? You gotta be kidding me!!
  • Supersenses, acrobatic and fightings skills… finally, I won’t need that magical Hood I mail-ordered…
  • “Jeez, you put on horns in your costume and everyone assumes you are a bull”
  • With my heightened sense of touch, I can sew myself a new costume better than any sighted person! Hmm, now where’s the hole for the head?
  • Hmmm… could use more starch

  • Don’t make me come down there, Missy!
  • And now I will broadcast your moving image in high def to television sets across the world! Mwaahaahaaa!!
  • Black Widow you pervert! Stock looking between my legs!
  • Sorry, Ma’am, my purse just fell down, could you please throw it back to me ?
  • It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the wave amplifier again.
  • Very perceptive, widow… Stealing those drums of purple paint from the ACME factory was also part of my master plan.
  • No, it’s just a sound wave amplifier. I can’t hear diddly-squat way up here!

  • Damn. Smells like something died around here.
  • “Stand the coffin in the moonlight at midnight.” *shudder* New rule: coffee first, accept job second.
  • There’s got to be someplace around here I can go to the bathroom…
  • Now, I’m gonna know… if dead can dance.
  • “He did the mash
    He did the monster mash
    The monster mash
    It was a graveyard smash”
  • Uh… Turk, I don’t see how hiding in the coffin of Murdock’s girl could–
  • — Shaddap, Grotto!
  • This doesn’t feel right, but I could SWEAR this is how you’re supposed to do the Macarena.

  • Here, you take it. It’s freaking me out.
  • I don’t wanna hold him he looks like Bullseye!
  • Get him out of here. Smells like Foggy the night after a kegger at college.
  • Two things. One. Please take this drooling little poop machine. NOW. And two, I’m swearing off sex. The consequential risks are too high.
  • Look what I found hiding under my bed: it’s a mini-Kingpin!
  • My heightened sense of smell reveals that this kid needs you.
  • They say the baby’s got your eyes, Natasha… Too bad I can’t see them! But neither can the reader! “Good job!”, lousy penciller!
  • Oh, I get it. New-shiny-Captain-America-guy gets the benefits while Matt-the-nice-guy gets the crying, poop-making by-products? Riiight…
  • “Don’t you know I’m catholic? I have no use for this.”

  • Don’t. Touch. The Glasses.
  • You should also sound like a monster if you wanna scare me.
  • WTF do you mean how many fingers? How should I know?
  • “Oooga Boooga?” Seriously?
  • Touch the glasses and you die….
  • “These are not the droids we’re looking for…
  • What do you mean “Ooga booga”?
  • “Yes, Pete, I see that the organic webshooters are gone. Now can you please get out? Some of us have work, friends, and a secret identity to go back to, you know?
  • Take that!! Invisible force field LOL!!!!!!
  • What do you mean “Ooga booga”?

Caption final – choose your favorite!


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