Foggy really does work late…

Jun 2, 2009

Foggy really does work late…

Jun 2, 2009

Here it is, the absolutely shocking evidence that proves once and for all that Foggy works late. On a regular basis. Back when they didn’t have any clients (excepting the stray supervillain who surely didn’t pay his bills on time). From Daredevil #5 (vol 1), by Stan Lee and Wally Wood:

I’ve been working late as well, as you might imagine from the scarcity of posts around these parts, so there was no news roundup on Sunday (not that much happened, and what did happen I’ll get to this weekend). However, I’ve been enjoying reading all your entries in the word balloon contest and will have a poll up tomorrow evening. If you haven’t entered your suggestions yet, do it right now!

While on the long train ride home Sunday evening, I had to resort to providing my own entertainment and had a little fun on Twitter, thinking up jobs Matt might be less than stellar at. Below is the list I came up with. Feel free to chime in. No prize this time, though.

“Didn’t see it, but I’ve been hearing good things. Nice painful explosion in the last scene”
– Matt Murdock, movie critic

“What do you mean out of focus? Those shots are gold, man”
– Matt Murdock, unemployed photographer

“Cut the blue wire? Eh… yeah. Okay, I quit”
– Matt Murdock, bomb squad tech

“Your CT scan looks great, sir. I’m pretty sure it’s not an aneurysm. Pretty sure.”
– Matt Murdock, physician about to be sued

“We’re experimenting with some interesting fabrics. So far, lukewarm response from buyers.”
– Matt Murdock, fashion designer

“I trust you. I’m sure it’s great, but I prefer louder colors. And I mean that literally.”
– Matt Murdock, art teacher

“My license? Well, uh… You saying I ran a red light?”
– Matt Murdock, (unusually) dangerous NY cab driver

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cop a feel”
– Matt Murdock, soon to be fired bra fitter at Victoria’s Secret

“I’m sorry about the crash, but that plane came out of nowhere.”
– Matt Murdock, air traffic controller


  1. Matt Ampersand

    "What do you mean the code is broken? The page looks fine to me!"

    – Matt Murdock, less than stelar web-designer.

  2. Gloria

    "Hum, I have to go to the bathroom, really! So sorry, my partner will fill you in with the details: he just loves to work late"

    Matt Murdock, Lawyer

  3. Francesco

    "Huh, please… please, bear with my partner. We've had some… indian food earlier. We've all been there before, I'm sure he'll be back shortly."

    Foggy Nelson, ally of a costumed vigilante. On the verge of a nervous crisis.

  4. Gloria

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