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by May 4, 2009Humor3 comments

Okay, I just wanted to share something with you that I thought was kind of funny. I always think it’s interesting to see where people arrive from to get to this site, or what (occasionally) wild combinations of search words they might have used. A few days ago, I started getting a bunch of hits from Daredevil’s page on Wikipedia and found that one of my posts had been listed as a reference, which, of course, is just fine by me. The post in question was the one featuring an excerpt from an old interview with Frank Miller for the Comic Book Journal (A history of the radar sense #4 – Frank Miller part 1). I was curious and decided to check which part of the Wikipedia entry quoted the interview and found the following (emphasis mine):

“When Frank Miller expanded most of Daredevil’s abilities, he attempted to make them ‘extraordinary enough to be exciting, but not on par with Superman’s, noting Superman’s distinctly unbelievable powers. When Miller joined the title in 1979, the first thing he did to the character was ‘revamp’ his radar sense and made it less distinct and more believable; he wanted Daredevil to have the ‘proximity’ sense that most martial artists claim to have. Because of this, he created an ability for Daredevil to hear the Hulk’s heartbeat four blocks away.

Er, what!? If this was posted by a regular reader of mine, sorry if I’m in any way embarrassing you. I don’t mean to. But please, go back and read the original post. Carefully, this time. 😉


  1. Francesco

    By coincidence I checked that recently. To me it seemed just some sort of vandalism, as veiled as it was sterile.

  2. Robert

    Not guilty, Christine – I rarely use Wikipedia, pretty much due to potentially dodgy nature of the ‘facts’ there (as you can probably appreciate).

  3. Christine

    @Francesco: I’ve been curious about what’s behind it. If it’s a joke, it’s not that funny. If it’s vandalism, who is it aimed at? Then again, like you, I doubt this is an honest mistake because it’s just too weird.

    @Robert: I hate Daredevil’s Wikipedia page. There are factual errors on it, and it just generally makes me break out in hives. I would never try to get involved in rewriting anything on it though since I know people would just change it back and I just don’t have the patience to deal with it. I actually am a fan of Wikipedia though, but only as a first reference. It’s great for getting a first superficial idea about something before going somewhere else for all the (hopefully correct) details. The quality also varies quite a bit depending on the subject.


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