Rob Liefeld announced as the next Daredevil artist!

by Apr 1, 2009Humor4 comments

In a move that I think shocked everyone, Joey Q made the following announcement today:

“Yes, what we were thinking was that, well, Daredevil has always been a very strong character, but he occupies a separate part of the Marvel Universe. He operates under the radar of a lot of our readers, so we were thinking ‘What could we do that would really get people talking?’. For us, having Rob work on this book is it. People will be talking, and it’s going to be amazing.”

Link to complete coverage of this story.


  1. dmstarz

    Okay, you had me for a moment, Christine…

  2. Francesco

    Geez. I’m sad for all you DD fans out there.

  3. Gloria

    For a moment, I was about to get MORE white hairs… And then I read the full coverage… RMLAO!

    Still, that’s teh kind of Hype one would expect Quesada to deliver, so, yes, you got me too, LOL


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