Joe Quesada spoke too soon again and Ed Brubaker speaks too

by | Apr 2, 2009 | Daredevil News, Humor | 2 comments

It appears that Joey Q leaked Rob Liefeld’s name prematurely and that Marvel has now posted a retraction. Jokes aside, I hope you guys enjoyed the April Fool’s joke yesterday. I think at least a handful of people believed it for a couple of seconds. You never know with the House of (Occasionally Nutty) Ideas. Anway, just so we’re clear on this: Rob Liefeld is NOT the new Daredevil artist. I did however come across a post a couple of days ago that showcases the worst examples of his art that I thought was pretty funny. I particularly liked the witty comments supplied with each panel.

In more serious news, two days ago Ed Brubaker spoke to Newsarama about leaving Daredevil, confirming what many had suspected in that he had decided to leave sooner than he was anticipating. The interview, as a whole, is quite interesting. If you haven’t already, go read it.

In personal news, I was very unexpectedly put in charge of a major project at work that runs until June 7. It’s part of an election campaign, and that’s the date of the election (if you live in an EU country, you should know which one). This might affect how often I’ll be able to post to this blog. On the other hand, it’s great for my career (go me!), so I hope you won’t hold my priorities against me. Either way, I won’t stop updating, I just won’t update as often. Incidentally, my being a Daredevil fan has turned out to be something of a bonus, in a weird sort of way, for this particular job. I’ll explain some other time. 😉



  1. Francesco

    Hahahah! That post on Liefeld is cracktastic!

  2. scottyquick


    Congrats on the project! I’m sure you’ll do great, but you have to explain how your Matty-love has come in handy sometime.


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