Advance Daredevil #118 review and other recommended links

Apr 21, 2009

Advance Daredevil #118 review and other recommended links

Apr 21, 2009

Comics Bulletin has a review up of Daredevil #118, due out in stores in North America tomorrow. May I just first offer an opinion of my own and vehemently disagree with the following excerpt from said review:

“It doesn’t even warrant mentioning the continuous mess that Matt Murdock seems to be in any given issue. For the past few years, I’ve read (and read, etc.) as everyone’s favorite blind lawyer dig himself out of a hole only to find he’s at the bottom of yet another hole. To be fair, that’s why we read characters like Murdock and Peter Parker. It makes me feel better knowing someone else has it worse.”

Not only do I not take pleasure in other people’s misery (whether they are real people or fictional characters), but it is far from true that all – or even most – Daredevil fans enjoy seeing the character constantly depressed and in a state of emotional turmoil. In fact, much of the criticism against the title lately has had to do with the exaggerated level of misery that has plagued the character for years. It was also the top reason people gave for not reading the title in the survey I did last year.

Anyway, the issue gets high praise, though the review makes me miss Dave Wallace’s stellar reviews. It also has me worried for certain members of the Daredevil cast. I’ve loved Brubaker’s work on so many fronts, so I’d hate to see him take one final dump on the character. He’s a much better writer than that. (I should add that getting a character into trouble or challenging situations does not automatically equal “dumping” on the character.)

In other, more positive, news I’d like you guys to take a look at the Punisher/Daredevil series of posts that fellow fan JP has posted on his blog The Red Shaker (where you can also find DD themed cocktail recipes). Also, check out what blogger Robert learned so far from reviewing the first fifty issues of Daredevil. Some good points all around!


  1. Gloria

    <>" It also has me worried for certain members of the Daredevil cast"<>

    Hum… after having come across the two reviews (and a couple of cryptic comments) at Man Without Fear, I must say I am worried, too 🙁 . Brubaker once wrote that he would not break somebody else’s toys, and earnestly I hope he doesn’t…

    As you, I don’t like piles of misery beaing heaped over a character’s shoulders, I mean, it’s good for a hero to fight adversity but… Doesnt’t Matt fight one helluva lot of adversity of late? In series like Sleeper, Criminal or Incognito, where the characters either belong to him or he’s allowed great freedom by the publisher, his characters are lead from one dead-end street to another… Mind you, these comics are grand, but I wouldn’t like it if that was the “treatment” he intends for Matt (or Foggy)

  2. Christine

    Going by the CBR review, my guess is that we won’t be seeing any character deaths (well, central characters). What I think is going to happen is that Foggy will “break up” with Matt, because of his deal with the Kingpin and because of Dakota walking out. I think that’s what the review meant by Matt doing a Born Again on himself. If a really good story develops out of this (where the two reconcile eventually), then fine. Foggy has put up with a great deal from Matt over the years, but has never given him any kind of ultimatum or acted on any of the frustration he must have felt, so at least this is something we haven’t seen before. But, please Bru, don’t do anything that can’t be repaired without help from Mephisto. And please, Andy Diggle, don’t assume that everyone wants a suicidal character.

  3. Christine

    Okay, after checking Dave Wallace’s comment on the Comics Bulletin review, I’m at least relieved that Foggy won’t be dying (talk of soap opera is not suggestive of imminent death…).

    Anyway, my whole point is that the nearly sadistic writing of Matt Murdock (though enjoyable in small doses) is getting borderline ridiculous. If a new writer can write tight and interesting stories about a guy who might occassionally have reason to smile about something (not to mention get a whole day’s work in so he can pay rent), I will be 100% happy. Unless it’s combined with a flaky and way out of proportion depiction of his senses, in which case I’ll go back to being appropriately grumpy about it. 😉

  4. scottyquick

    Foggy? Break up with Matt? That … that’s not Foggy. Foggy has been with Matt for 500 issues, I can’t see Bru doing that.

    And yes, while Brubaker’s run has been on the whole good (especially the 107-110 arc, forget what it’s called), it’s been a bit too depressing. When the story arc where your hero “wins” results in one of his BFF’s getting shot and landing in the hospital, that’s not good.


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