Lark is leaving, no news on new Daredevil artist

Mar 27, 2009

Lark is leaving, no news on new Daredevil artist

Mar 27, 2009

Okay, I promised you guys a review, but that will have to wait another few hours. Meanwhile, in this week’s MyCup O’ Joe, Marvel’s editor in chief had this to say in response to a reader question regarding the next Daredevil artist:

“Andrew says:

Hey, Joe.
I’ve been lovin’ on Daredevil since you and Kevin Smith relaunched him back in the day, and each progressive run has just gotten better and better.

I’m super-excited about Andy Diggle taking over as the new writer, but do we get any news about the art on the book? Is Michael Lark staying, or will it be somebody new?

JQ: Hey Andrew! Glad to hear that you’ve been digging DD! If you thought that Brian Bendis left Ed Brubaker with a helluva cliffhanger, wait until you see what Ed’s got planned for Andy!

No announcements yet about the art team—it’s top secret for now—but how about a nod of the cap to the terrific job Michael Lark has done over the past three years? Michael’s work has been beautiful, and with guest artists such as David Aja, Lee Weeks and Clay Mann, we know DD fans have come to expect amazing artwork from the title, and we don’t expect they’ll be disappointed.
Hang tight, we’ll have an announcement coming up!”

So, no news on the new artist, but this pretty much confirms that Michael Lark will be leaving with Brubaker. It’s a damn shame if you ask me, but I would totally love to see someone like Clay Mann.



  1. Gloria

    I don’t know Diggle’s work, but I have already commented how sad I am at the news of Brubaker leaving the series… And the news of Lark leaving too in the near future are just apalling!

    In the light of it, the “Hey Guys, yer gonna love this” style of Quesada is grating. Honest, he sounds like a door-to-door seller ofWC brushes trying to charm us into buying an overpriced item.

    I agree, however, that Clay Mann would be an OK replacement, and I like David Aja, too..

    However, what Quesada has in mind is possibly someone in the line of Mike Deodato or David Finch… Needless to say I hope I’m ‘orribly wrong about this.

  2. Christine

    I actually doubt that they would try to change the style of the book too much, because with any change, I think you would want to stay with what works and get away from what doesn’t work, and people generally seem very pleased with the more realistic style that’s characterized the book for so long. I would expect them to go with an artist that’s got his (or her) own distinctive look, but is in the same vein as both Lark and Maleev. Mann or Aja would both be great, I think.

    About Quesada, I guess he is the king of hype. We’ll see if reality lives up to his and our expectations.


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