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Updated: Okay, the top news item right now has got to be the Diggle interview on Marvel.com.

Hey there true believers! There’s been a lot of DD talk around the Internet recently, for obvious reasons, and I thought I’d link to some of the news here, along with other funny or newsworthy stuff I’ve found.

First, because it’s somewhat Daredevil-related, I just have to mention a hilarious post I found on Silver Age Comics (one of those super popular blogs that actually links here, thanks guys!) called Differently Abled. It talks about a story from Flash #133, published in 1963 by the “Distinguished Competition,” in which the Flash makes a visit to a camp for handicapped children. Now there’s some cringe-worthy inspiration for ya! I’m also wondering if the blind kid’s cane was the model for Matt Murdock’s since they both appear to have been made in the 1920’s. His senses are also suspiciously acute: “Harry Watkins is blind but his hearing has become amazingly sharp…” Wait, did Stan Lee read this issue, it being published the year before the debut of a certain super-sensed blind lawyer? Hmm…

A more serious post that has nothing at all to do with Daredevil was Death of the Legacy Character by The Weekly Crisis’s Eric Rupe. I’ve never been a big fan of legacy characters generally and I think that might be one of the reasons I still have no desire to get into DC comics (despite being raised on Superman). In my mind, books featuring legacy characters necessarily focus more on the hero persona, making the person behind the mask less relevant. What I like about superhero comics in general is the tension between the life behind the mask and the life without the mask, so I will always favor those books in which the main character’s civilian life gets a lot of attention as well. Either way, it was a well-written and very interesting post.

Then there’s of course all the talk about Daredevil turning 500 issues and Andy Diggle taking over the book. Here are some links to various comments around the blogosphere: Comicology, Panels of Awesome!, Comic by Comic, Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.

Okay, that’s it! Now I’m heading back to bed for a while since I’m home sick today. “Sick?” you ask, “but she’s sitting here blogging, she should be at work!” Well, I’m sick enough to need to bring a roll of toilet paper everywhere I go because my nose is so runny, so there you go. And speaking of blowing check out this post. It’s just so wrong…

See you later!


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