Daredevil #117 preview and quick review of the Marvel Digital one shot

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The good news:

IGN has a preview of Daredevil #117 up and it looks awesome. Me like.

The bad news:

That digital comic I mentioned in my last post: Ehh…?! (<-- my reaction to reading it). Here's what I posted to the ManWithoutFear.com message board about it:

What. A. Load. Of. *beep* And I’m usually pretty forgiving. This was mind-numbingly bad. First of all, it’s only ten pages long including the cover. On those ten pages, it has about six word balloons, all belonging to a Mephisto-like character that lives under ground. In short, what happens in this “comic” is the following **SPOILERS**:

  1. Panels of DD in an alley, apparently sensing something (I have no clue as there are no words anywhere). He goes down a staircase.

  2. At the bottom of the staircase, he encounters a couple of green-clad characters with medieval-like hatchets of some kind.

  3. Two pages (that’s twenty percent of the story) follow, depicting DD fighting these two characters. Nothing particularly thrilling happens. I think one guy’s helmet falls off.

  4. DD enters a big hall with a horned beast type of character appearing on a podium in front of an enthralled audience (all human). On the podium is a child tied down that’s about to be sacrificed.

  5. DD approaches and some vague threats are made by the hairy devil dude. Devil dude spews some fire, DD somehow beats him (I don’t know how to make sense of the art here).

  6. The whole mass of people run outside and are arrested, the kid is returned to the police and DD takes off.

That’s it. If there’s any deeper meaning to this story, which is called Demons by the way, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be.

I don’t know if I’m violating any copyright rules by divulging the entire storyline (to the extent that there even was one), but this was just that bad. Sorry. Apparently it’s not just me since I saw that it was rated one star out of five on Marvel’s site when I opened the file. That’s about what I would give it too. Yuck… Thank God and Brubaker that there’s better stuff just around the corner.

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  1. dmstarz

    Hmmm. I myself am very troubled by the whole ethos in comic books nowadays that it seems that they have to be read in about five minutes. So unsatisfying. Luckily a few Marvel writers, like Matt Fraction and Dan Slott, seem to be bucking this trend and actually remembering to write a whole lot of story into each issue of their comic. Recent DD stories have been mixed in this regard, in my opinion anyway. Bru’s better than some at giving readers their money’s worth.


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