Daredevil #116 reviews and stuff

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As you all know, Daredevil #116 is now out in stores in North America. I have yet to pick up my copy, but am going to today. So far, I’ve had a very good time here in Seattle, though I haven’t spotted Bru (yet?). I think the main reason for that is that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time just hanging around the house. Though I do have a wireless Internet connection here, so that’s good. Anyway, I will post my review tonight (that’s tomorrow for those of you in Europe), but until then, there are some other reviews for you to check out. Dave Wallace’s (Comics Bulletin) is always good, to the point of deserving to get its own cover and a 2.99 price tag. That’s the only one I have read so I can’t vouch for the presence or absence of spoilers in the reviews from IGN and comics blog That’s a Wrap.

For other reviews, check the sidebar where I always post the latest reviews of the current issue, as they become available. In fact, for those of you who never check the sidebar (probably because it takes ages to load), you may want to know that it also features a list of the latest comments to the blog – thank you active commenters! – and, as of last week, my Twitter feed. It’s not very active yet but that’s because I’m on vacation. Seriously.

Take care and I’ll return in about twelve hours with a smokin’ hot review!


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