Early reviews and speculation on Daredevil #115

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There are a couple of good reviews out of Daredevil #115 as of this writing. The first one is Comics Bulletin’s Dave Wallace and the second is by CBR’s James Hunt. Both seem to be hinting at much the same thing: The conclusion of the Lady Bullseye arc is one you didn’t see coming, but it is jarring in how it fits (or doesn’t fit) with what has gone before while being interesting enough on its own merits to somewhat redeem the inconsistencies. Just to warn everyone, the CBR review does contain one spoiler that you might not want to know about, while the Comics Bulletin review doesn’t give too much away. What I do find encouraging is that both reviewers in this case are left hopeful about what the future holds for the book, and that’s something to be happy about. I will have my own review up on Thursday or Friday. My only current theory in light of these reviews and knowing that there’s an unexpected twist is this [highlight to uncover]: I think something might be fishy with Master Izo. I doubt he’s actually a double agent or anything like that, but he might have defected from the Hand or something. I have no idea how this would fit in with everything else, nor do I really even know what I’m talking about. Just tossing it out there… 😉

Speaking of what’s ahead for the character, it was great to see the Daredevil book high up on IGN’s “Guide to 2009.” We rarely get to see much attention given to the character in these kinds of contexts, so that was a nice surprise. The list is over HERE. I will see you later!


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