Brubaker comments on Daredevil #116…

by | Jan 21, 2009 | Daredevil News | 3 comments

…and tells us that, as far as he knows, there’s nothing solid on a Daredevil movie reboot. Read about this on Sci Fi Wire that offers some coverage on a group interview conducted last week.

To just offer some of my own comments, it appears that Daredevil #116 will be all about the Kingpin. This isn’t unexpected, and even seems reasonable, but I will miss not getting a chance to see Matt in action. Whether he happens to be in a Daredevil costume, a business suit or, well… naked. 😉


  1. Francesco

    I could barely understand a tenth of whatever Brubaker was saying.

  2. Gloria

    The Kingpin in Spain, he said? Hum, he’s possibly in the Costa del Sol, a place swarming with political corruption and all sorts of “retired” criminals

  3. Lloyd

    I actually don’t really see the need for a new Daredevil movie. I watch the Director’s Cut and when the scene in the park is on (when Matt finds out Elektra’s name) I just go to my happy place.

    It’s a pretty good film that way.


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