It’s the Daredevil billy club treat!

by | Dec 14, 2008 | Humor | 10 comments

Yes, I’m this insane. Below the lovely picture of me holding the finished product, you’ll find a ten-minute video of me actually making said product while talking nonsense. And my cat guest stars too. Yeah, I actually felt I had to mention that. I will understand if you never want to speak to me again after seeing this, but I thought I’d do a more personal introduction while having some fun in the kitchen. Sorry about the sub-par sound quality, but this was filmed with a regular compact digital camera.

Updated: I had the same IP-adress hit this post (and only this post) one too many times for me to feel comfortable with it. I might post it again next Christmas.


  1. Anonymous

    Wow, Christine! I’m glad you mentioned it was a billy club before i saw the picture:-)

    dont worry about the geekiness of it all. we all have our little eccentricities (but we dont have a blog to let others know about them:-)

    anyway, very interesting video and great job! it must be nice to have a talent. remember, many of your readers are male, so the idea of a kitchen is scarier than Mr Fear!

    enjoy your lovely billy club treat and happy x-mas!

    keny (merzah) from prague

  2. Jon

    Fantastic Christine! True geekiness!

    I am disappointed though about one thing. I pictured you making a bunch of little billy clubs that you were going to send out to all your blogging buddies. Scrooge!

    And I agree with Keny, glad my mind was ready to see a billy club or else I would have thought I was at the wrong site. That thing is…well…thank god I was thinking billy club.

  3. Rikard

    How about posting the video to youtube? That way your server won’t be overloaded – I really want to see the billy club.

  4. Christine

    The problem wasn’t server overload but someone watching it over and over in a way that freaked me out. I do still have it on YouTube though, so here you go! (Will probably do something else in this vein for Christmas this year too.)

  5. Rikard

    Well, there could be two reasons:

    1. He/She is obsessed with you

    2. He/She maybe tried to follow the steps outlined in the video and had to replay it.

    Anyway, it was a hilarious video, some rambling and some really funny stuff. I feel inclined to try this out. Keep up the good work with the site. Your english is really good; written and spoken.

  6. Christine

    Well, I think it’s the former. The hits kept coming several times a day for a few weeks. I don’t know why anyone would want to watch it more than once, but that’s the only explanation I have.

    Anyway, I’m glad you liked it. This year for Christmas, I’ll put up a shorter (less boring) cut of this video and do another one. I’ll try to keep it brief and might have to borrow my brother’s camcorder to get rid of the on-camera lisp! 😀

  7. Rikard

    Oh, but did the person ever contact you? Or just a silent cyber stare?

    Yeah, consider connecting an external microphone to it aswell. Uh, the lisp sound is common with girl voices, more so with cheap microphones. A good pop filter could help that out. I did some radio studies a long time ago and the technician explained it to me but I can’t remember more that what I’ve already written.

    One thing you could try would be to use voice over – that way you can record your voice on the computer and play around with it. Just a (perhaps) helpful tip.

  8. Marc

    Just came across this post after seeing it mentioned in a more recent one…I’m glad the video is on Youtube, even if it isn’t still posted here! I thought it was fun and I’m looking forward to whatever you have planned for this year.

  9. Aaron K

    In my quest to read through your complete archives (which has been awesome), I discovered this gem of a video. I have to admit that as amusing as it was, I’m a little disappointed that you sound so… American. Are you sure you’re Swedish? Could you at least pretend to have a heavy Swedish accent in the future? Actually, any accent would work. We Americans are rather easy to please if you just try a little. Thanks! 🙂 Incidentally, your ever-hungry diabetic cat is much fluffier than my ever-hungry diabetic cat, though I still think mine wins on general laziness. He’d never even consider jumping on a table more than 6 inches off the ground, and rightly so.

    • Christine

      I’m so glad you like the blog Aaron, and you know I love that you like to discuss some of the same things I do. 😉 As for my accent – or lack thereof – I did live in the US for three years and am a complete language nerd. I even find it difficult to speak with a Swedish accent deliberately, though I’ve promised to maybe give my friends over at Monkey On My Back a taste of what that might sound like when I make a guest appearance on their podcast some time in the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep you guys posted.

      I had planned to make a similar video for Christmas this year, by the way, but my kitchen renovation ran a bit long. We’ll see if I can cook something up (no pun intended) in the next two or three weeks.


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