Daredevil, the dyslexic superhero?

Dec 28, 2008

Daredevil, the dyslexic superhero?

Dec 28, 2008

Okay, so this might be a silly post, but I thought I’d like to share it with you guys anyway. Yesterday, when I went through all my volume 2 hardcovers in search of some juicy comic book panels, I also came across the one below from Daredevil #46. This is a rather sweet scene of Milla receiving flowers from Matt in the wake of the date they had that ended with Matt being hauled off to a police station to be questioned for Rosenthal’s murder. Nothing says “Sorry I got hauled off to jail, and we didn’t get to do the deed” like a bouquet of flowers, right?

Milla gets flowers and a card in braille, panel from Daredevil #41, by Bendis and Maleev

Along with the flowers is a note in Braille, and being the curious person that I am, I decided to try to figure out what it says. I was expecting something sweet and memorable. I wasn’t expecting the following:


Wow… Gosh, Murdock. You really know what women want to hear, don’t you? I can just imagine Milla sitting there thinking “Okay, so he’s illiterate, but I need to remember he’s really hot. Very, very hot. And a superhero. Oh, and he’s a lawyer too. Wait a minute… How the hell did he make it through law school?”

For a brief intro on Braille, I suggest instead the following links that I found somewhat enlightening:

Braille: What Is It? What Does It Mean to the Blind?

Braille: Unlocking the Code (video)


  1. Francesco

    Maybe it’s upside-down…

  2. Anonymous

    i bet that really ticked off the blind people who were reading that issue:-)

    Merzah from Prague

  3. Darediva

    Yeah, I remember this fine example of random dots to represent braille. Joe Quesada did it, too, back in Guardian Devil. With all the things online available now, you’d think a small amount of research could avoid this stuff. Or maybe the artists just think sighties are ignorant? ; )

  4. Christine

    Well, the thing about this is that it’s drawn in a way that almost encourages the reader to go find out what it means. It’s like “here we are giving you a nice clean shot of this note, now go decipher it!”

    And Francesco… Sadly, it doesn’t make any more sense upside down either. 😉

  5. Shanti

    Hahaha. I was thinking to decipher it also but then I forgot.
    I hope the idea came from Bendis since he has known for his bad spelling. 😀
    Did you decipher the other note Matt got from Vanessa?


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