Nice save, Daredevil!

by | Nov 5, 2008 | Humor | 5 comments

I think I mentioned this scene briefly a few months back. Anyway, below you see one of my favorite “saves.” You have to think fast sometimes when you have a very shocking secret you don’t want anyone to know about, as these panels clearly show. In this issue, #144, by Jim Shooter (art by Lee Elias), DD has found a card he can’t identify at a crime scene and gets some help figuring out what it’s for.

The card is slid into a machine that outputs the address. When told that it's there for him to see, Daredevil asks 'are you sure there is such an address?' and in return gets '13 Wall Street? Of course!' A clever way to save the day.


  1. Anonymous

    that is a really good one. nice to see one of the writers thinking about these kinds of little possible trip ups

    keny from prague

  2. Christine

    Yeah, in “reality” he would probably have close calls all the time, especially in these high-tech times. It’s nice to also see him use his brain occasionally when the other senses don’t have him covered.

  3. Ellen (formerly 'E')

    Did they ever explain in canon how DD could find 13 Wall Street (or any other address) without walking along the pavement and feeling for numbers?

  4. Christine

    @Ellen: It’s never really been addressed. The assumption seems to be that he knows New York really well (even though he can’t possibly know every single address). I think Mark Waid actually mentioned that he intends to make a point of how things are not quite as easy for Matt in San Francisco.

  5. Ellen (formerly 'E')

    @Christine Thanks!


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