General Daredevil and blog updates

Nov 11, 2008

General Daredevil and blog updates

Nov 11, 2008
Hey everyone! Wow, back from yet another late night work related activity. The last couple of weeks have indeed been quite busy, but I’ll get back on track as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post some general updates. The first two, I’m simply going to steal from and many of you have probably seen them already (if you’re not a regular visitor to that site, I’d have to question your sincerity as a DD fan).

  1. Art preview of Daredevil #113 (pretty pictures only).
  2. Art preview of Daredevil Noir (same as above).
  3. Reviews of Daredevil & Captain America: Dead on Arrival (available in stores now!) can be found here.
  4. Coming soon on this blog!
    • What’s a ninja anyway?
      We take a brief look at ninjas in history and in popular culture, and also explore the concept of the blind martial artist (hardly unique to Daredevil).
    • A history of the radar sense #3
      We cover the entire seventies up until the Miller run in this insanely proportioned post. And I know this already since it’s halfway done.
    • Conflicting continuities
      The definitive look at Daredevil canon where we trace the various and conflicting accounts of Matt Murdock’s early life.
    • And lots more…
      More silly panels, weird goofs and, yes, a Hell’s Kitchen update. Before DD #113 hits the stands!


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