Review: Daredevil #112 (8.5/10)

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Well, boys and girls. It’s another month until Daredevil #113, which means it’s time to review #112. This one sure packed a punch in some unexpected ways. I think a really good way of judging a comic book writer is by how many developments they can cram into one issue without any of them feeling rushed. There are certainly lots of other factors in play (the plot has to actually be good, and sometimes you don’t want a lot of things happening), but I thought this issue was perfectly paced and really satisfying all around. Brubaker adds to the mystery without giving too much away regarding what Lady Bullseye is up to, and we see the introduction of a new character who apparently likes beer. No, I don’t think that qualifies as a spoiler.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think the new kink in Matt’s personal life would be addressed in this issue to the extent that it is. In fact, while there is plenty of action – involving other players than Daredevil, Matt’s troubles are still very much at the center of attention. I will return to this development later, under the cut.

So, what about Lady Bullseye? Well, this issue takes us back into the recent past and the fall-out of Elektra, then leader of the Hand, being revealed as a Skrull. This ties the book neatly into the rest of the Marvel Universe and works as a perfect alibi to keep it as far away from anything Secret Invasion related from now on – or so I hope. As a consequence of this revelation, the Hand breaks into various factions and Lady Bullseye is called in to bring order to the chaos. We learn that she is a relative outsider and we learn that the answer to what she seeks is in New York. With Daredevil indisposed due to events revealed in the last issue, she and her associate go about “testing” Carlos LaMuerto (the Black Tarantula) and Danny Rand (Iron Fist), by having a horde of ninjas pay them a visit. What all this is for remains unknown. All we know is that it’s some form of ritual and it appears to be an attempt to bring them into the fold. Or over to the “dark side,” if you will. Both of these fight scenes are nicely choreographed and drawn and they highlight the different styles of the two heroes.

Meanwhile, Matt is in more legal trouble, though he’s quickly let off the hook thanks to Dakota who finds herself receiving a little less gratitude than she was hoping for. The dialogue and interplay between the two characters make perfect sense in light of what just happened between them and what we’ve come to expect from them as characters. It’s nice to see such a wonderful blend of out-of-this-world action and superheroics and down to Earth personal drama in one issue. Once again, it’s that reality next door thing I like so much.

We get another cliffhanger ending as Matt and Dakota are introduced to a new mysterious player. I already have a pretty good clue of just who he might be. Time will tell if I’m right or not.

In closing, two thumbs up to the art team. The scene with Iron Fist is one of the nicest fight scenes I’ve seen in a while and the rest of the issue is stellar as well.


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