Daredevil #112 and more

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Yes, I’m reposting old news again. ManWithoutFear posted a link to a very early lettered preview of Daredevil #112 on Newsarama, and I’m basically just stealing it. HERE it is, go ahead and arrest me.

The other piece of news is courtesy of a fellow blogger who informed me that he just started a Daredevil blog. Wow, we have quite a trend going, don’t we? Well, the more fans are out there talking about it, the better as far as I’m concerned. This guy has taken it upon himself to review every single issue in chronological order. That is quite an undertaking, and I wish him well, and promise to keep checking his blog The Matt Murdock Chronicles often.

I will be away on a business trip until Tuesday night, so no updates until the pre-prepared post I have for White Cane Day (October 15, on Wednesday) when we’ll be looking at the history of the white cane in and outside of Daredevil comics. I’ll also try to update Hell’s Kitchen as soon as possible, but am sad to say that the preview for #112 ruined the one I had planned. All I can say is that it involved Dakota, a certain person’s radar sense and some Cheerios. Got you thinking, didn’t I?

Have a good weekend!


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