Daredevil #112 – advance review season begins again

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Thanks again to Jason of Fandomania (yes, I like writing it that way because it makes it sound as if he’s the ruler of a small imaginary country) for giving me a head’s up on his Daredevil #112 review. It contains spoilers as usual, so proceed at your own risk. Last month I actually went ahead and got myself all spoilered up (neologisms are allowed even for non-native English speakers, right?). It’s hard to say whether I regret it or not, but it certainly lessened my shock regarding the latest developments, and that might have been a good thing in retrospect. Either way, you guys do as you wish.

It has also come to my attention that IGN has a review up as well. I clicked on the link and squinted as I scrolled to the bottom of it to see the final score – a pretty solid 7.9 out of 10 – but I can’t say to what extent it contains spoilers. Well, since I was squinting and all that…

In other news, The Matt Murdock Chronicles, which is the new Daredevil blog I mentioned a couple of posts ago, has seen a few updates since then so please support blogger dmstarz in his insane quest to review every Daredevil comic ever written by stopping by!

I shall return shortly, i.e. tomorrow, for a closer look at Daredevil’s billy club in the riveting sequel to yesterday’s post. I will also post the third installment of my random reviews series over the weekend or early next week. This time, we’ll be looking at Daredevil #32, vol 2.

I’ll see you later!


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