Seeing things #6

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This is another little gem from issue #128 (see the previous post) featuring Daredevil versus the enigmatic figure known only as the Sky Walker – though I prefer to think of him as the Stair Master myself – a character that made vague threats of a possible return on the last page, but was never to be heard from again. The big fight in this issue is primarily between Daredevil and the Death Stalker, but this little guy gets in on the action too. Aside from Sky Walker’s general goofiness, his inclusion in the Seeing Things series is due to his miraculous Jesusesque ability to restore sight to the blind, as can be seen below…

First of all, isn’t that little dance in the first panel kind of cute? Love those jazz hands, dude! But let’s look at what Matty boy is saying here:

“Unless my radar sense has gone totally bananas — there’s a clown up there creating steps out of light. And what’s even nuttier — he’s walking on them!”

Eh, I hate to break this to you, Matt, but the nuttiest thing about all of this is that you’re seeing them! Remember, light has no solid form so he shouldn’t be picking them up at all except possibly as some kind of vague heat. But it’s like with the bumble bee and flying, I suppose. As long as we don’t say anything, he can see that light just fine…


  1. Francesco

    And yet, I don’t know how, to me it somehow made sense that he could sense something out of place in what he was perceiving.

  2. Francesco

    There. I’ve found a possible explanation to that. I had it in mind already without clearly remembering it. I’ll tell you later in the chatroom.


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